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So I rented The Incredible Hulk video game, mostly because I enjoyed the last Hulk game: ulitmate destruction. The controls for Ultimate destruction made you feel like you really were the hulk. Now that being said, Incredible is pretty much a next gen repolish of Ulitmate destruction…but it does fall alittle short. In Ultimate destruction controls were key, in Incredible controls seem to fall a little short. Climbing and running along walls was the most satisfying thing in Ultimate Destruction, in Incredible climbing walls is one of the most annoying things. As you grab a wall you literally slide down as your climbing…now I know the Hulk is heavy but I would have to assume he has the strength to support his own weight. I mean if the Hulk can stand on top of a skyskrapper I would think he could climb said building without too much trouble. For his size Hulk is fast, I mean his thigh muscles should be able to propel him pretty fast, but I never got that feeling as I slow sprinted down the street. I did like the populated New York, although after playing GTA this city still feels like no ones around.  The graphics are good, as they should be in a next gen game, not the most beautiful thing ever but good. Now on to the missions, while playing through a good number of missions I really felt like I’d played all these missions before in Ultimate Destruction…but in more areas. I miss the desert from Ultimate…playing in New York was fun for awhile, but I was itching to get the hell out of there because you don’t have room to do anything with out alerting the army. I did like the fact that a giant green monster is running down the street should alert the cops but being in that city it’s impossible to just explore the city…which I thought was the reason you make it a sandbox title. All the usual video game mission cliches are here…escort, assualt, courier…the Hulk doing his best Niko impersonation is ridiculous. I’m the Hulk, why the hell am I doing errands…doesn’t spider-man pick up some slack god. The bad guys are of course annoying, fighting against the army is about the same as fighting ants on a picnic,they are like little gnats. Which is good…for a while. Then there are the vehicles…I takes 6 hits from the Hulk to take out a humvee? Really? That’s my main problem with the bad guys, they are able to take a ridiculous amount of damage from a creature that can toss a tank (in movies). I don’t think the developers actually saw a Hulk movie, it shouldn’t take that many hits to stop a vehicle from the Hulk. He’s the Hulk. The sound in the game is pretty good, it’s the usual roars and grunts the Hulk makes (until he needs to talk for extra umph) and when buildings are destroyed(see takes forever) they sound and look great. Like with the movies, it hasn’t been very long between these glimpse into the Hulk’s story…but unlike the movies the 1st one is the better (except the fight scenes in the first movie were WAY better).  Where Ultimate Destruction was a strong buy, Incredible is a rental.

Charles’ Opinion: Rental




Graphics:Very Good

Controls: Not So Good

Story: Even with the added stuff, not so hot

Replay Value: Um not really, if you make it through more power to you


One response

  1. Matt

    The graphics sure do look alot better. I will definatly be checking this out on PS3.

    06/18/2008 at 5:57 am

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