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I was just re-reading the awesome Geoff Johns’ run so far on JSA(Justice Society of America), the best team book out…and I realized what I love the most about his run is his final pages of certain issues that give the reader a little peak at whats coming up. So since their are no new ideas, just a new twists(See Hollywood, TV, Etc) I’ve decided to do something like that. So I’m just going to lay out whats coming to my little ol’ blog in the next couple of days-months:

SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN season 1 review: with the 1st season ending last saturday I’ve decided to watch all the episodes again and review them by themselves and as a whole for the season.

Smallville Season 7 review: I like smallville alot, and I’ve decided to rewatch season 7 and like with Spectacular Spider-man review each episode on it’s on and as a whole..but where Spidey had only 13 episodes Smallville has around 22 or so. so its gonna be a 2 parter

HELLBOY 2 and HELLBOY video game:
I liked the first one and am looking forward to this one ALOT!

GET SMART review
I liked the show, and am hoping I like Steve Carell in the usual comedy after EVAN ALMIGHTY…but I really like DAN IN REAL LIFE. So we’ll see.

FRINGE pilot
With JJ Abrams attached I have to see it. So I got my hands on the pilot from a friend so I’m going to watch it and review it.


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