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Alrighty it’s about that time again. I’ve watch the latest FUTURAMA movie, a sequel of sorts to the awesome BENDER’S BIG SCORE. While I’ve always loved FUTURAMA and all the characters there was always something I was afraid might happen given the nature of these characters. BENDER’S BIG SCORE was awesome and it was great to see it back in old form. Now BEAST WITH A MILLION BACKS falls in the category of being alright at times, but taking WAY too long to get to the funny stuff. While there are a ton of episodes of FUTURAMA that I love there is also a few that are god awful, or that just drag too much. With BIG SCORE was three great episodes, MILLION BACKS is more like two not so good episodes and one pretty good one. I’d even go so far as saying this episode is a big letdown after the insane craziness of BIG SCORE. Now with there being one more “movie” hopefully they can get their story telling back on track, because MILLION BACKS kinda drags through about 90% of the movie. It felt like they were just going through the motions, shoe horning every joke that’s already been done to death into this movie. To me this movie kinda blows.

Yeah I know for anybody who knows me knows how much I love FUTURAMA but this movie is not good and sad to say barely funny. It falls flat more often than it scores, which is not a good thing in a comedy show or movie. Maybe it I could cut out about a hour of the movie and left only 30 minutes then maybe I could have liked it.


Pros: the last 30 minutes were funny. some of the physical humor was funny, but did nothing to keep the story going.

Cons: Too much screwing around, that wasn’t funny. Nothing happened for most of the movie and it felt like the movie went on FOREVER! Story bits made no sense in the grand scheme of things.Too many un funny story bits overtaking the kinda funny premise. Bender’s story was totally useless until the last 30 minutes. The professor had no reason to be around, and it showed.

Do your self a favor and skip it (I know FUTURAMA fans won’t be able to, but I warned you) and just watch:

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