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The Middleman pilot review

So I watched the pilot episode Monday, and I have to say I wasn’t expecting anything. I never read the comic(I don’t know how I missed it) so I knew next to nothing about what it was going to be like.  So as I was watching I had two thoughts: Man this chick is like a young, poor man’s ROSARIO DAWSON. And it’s simple fun. Now the show is more Men In Black than BUFFY but that’s fine. The story is pretty much a slacker chick is recruited by The Middlemen because of her reaction, or lack thereof to a crazy situation. She’s a girl after my own heart, she likes X-Men( “Old school, not that Ultimate stuff”) Video Games…and MOUSEGUARD. After she said that I was instantly in love with this show. Now it does stray into the JUNO dialogue pool(it’s a little too crafted and it beats you over the head with it, to the point it can easily take you out of the experience) but like Juno it works…after awhile. The guy who plays the senior Middleman is cheesy and seems to be stuff in a time long gone(like K in Men in Black). Maybe it does rip off alot from Men In Black, but that’s okay with me…I loved the cartoon and am glad something else is around to take up my silly-science fiction quota. I would be lying if I said this is a show for everyone…because it’s painfully not. This is a show for nerds, plain and simple. It’s not as bad as say Battlestar Glactica but it’s pretty hardcore nerd. I mean it mentions MOUSEGUARD. To me and my people she would be the perfect girlfriend, or at the least the perfect buddy to play XBOX 360 with at 3 in the morning. I hope it doesn’t rely on the monster(or in the pilot-ape) of the week format for too long. But even if it does it should do it pretty well. I have CHUCK, REAPER, BIG BANG THEORY, and now I have THE MIDDLEMAN to add to my nerd centric life. Oh and the chick is hot.

Kinda look alike…both are hot none the less

Natalie Morales                                                          Rosario Dawson

the comic book

CHARLES GRADE: B+(for the pilot, we’ll see about the show)

Pros: Nerd Funny, Men In Black(the 1st one) like, silly fun, bleeped out curses are hilarious

hot foul mouth lead character. Not widely accessible, if you don’t like the subject matter.

Cons: Not widely accessible, dialogue is a little too 1st half of JUNO like(not a total bad thing)


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  1. So what’s your grade on the recent episodes?

    08/06/2008 at 5:12 am

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