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The Happening Review


This will be super short…This movie blows dogs for quarters. I like M Night alot. I’ve liked almost everything he’s done…except Signs.

I was the only person I knew who liked LADY IN THE WATER, except the end-it was boring. But I draw the line at this. THE HAPPENING is at best

a interesting TWILIGHT ZONE 30 minute episode…but this movie is a hour and twenty minutes long. I maybe would have enjoyed it if it didn’t turn

into WAR OF THE WORLDS and follow around a boring “family”. Oh and the acting from EVERYONE was AWFUL. I enjoy MARK WAHLBERG alot in action movies,

this is not what he’s good at. M NIGHT neuters him and makes him a feeble, powerless man.  The movies just bad. I would excuse this type of awful if it was a

student film, which it felt like but the acting was actually worse…go figure.  Enough of this I want to get to my funny picture captions…


PROS: The soundtrack was creepy

CONS: The movie wasn’t creepy, You can see everything coming, The 1st part of the ending wusses out, The very ending can be seen a mile away, awful acting from good actors, dumb idea for a 1 and 21 minute movie, dumb idea for a movie period, people try to out run the WIND! Everyone acts like they’re M.Night during a interview.


“I see a awful movie and awful acting on the horizon


“Hulk hate puny plants…especially daisies…Hulk hate this movie, plot even slimmer than Hulk’s”


“On the newsfeed today we’ve got reports of a awful movie that has plants as the killer”


“No this is not M.Night during a interview, No this isn’t a picture of the audience of this film(although it could be), It’s about as much real emotion that you’ll get out of anyone in this movie…everyone feels bored.


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