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QUICK BIT:Hellboy 2 is out today, is it worth watching this weekend? I think so, but it’s not a movie everyone will love.

When the first HELLBOY movie came out I couldn’t believe how well Guillermo Del Toro brought the wise cracking, somewhat abrasive character to life. Now I really liked the first movie, alot, but it had it’s share of problems. It was greatly hindered by it’s lack of any real character development, we got a quick snap shot of all the players in the film and that was about it. Guillermo, in my opinion, spent more time creating a likeable movie he forgot to give the characters (except HELLBOY) time to grow on us before they were shoved down our throat. Guillermo defintely changed his philosophy in the sequel, to a slight fault. The story pretty much is the fantasy world against the humans. During the movie I felt it was really a way of showing Guillermo’s sense of fantasy versus the comic book world/or the movie world as a whole. You could read alot into this movie if you really thought about it…but I’ll do that another time.

The big bad in this sequel is PRINCE NUADA(Luke Goss), who is the typical prince who feels slighted and wants revenge…or does he. The movie drives home, almost too much, the fact that NUADA is bad but maybe not totally wrong. Many a scene was chewed up trying to make NUADA a vision of what HELLBOY could have been. The big bad was okay, but the follow through was very weird with him showing up like a ghost, but not taking on HELLBOY in a way someone or something that wants to destroy humanity should. PRINCE NUADA is either dumb or just so sure of himself he doesn’t try to take out HELLBOY in a personal fashion until late in the movie…kinda weird.

HELLBOY(RON PERLMAN) is great in every scene, and he should be he’s the star of the movie. HELLBOY is pretty much the same demon we know and love from the first one, but now we see even more of the love sick demon from the first one. HELLBOY and LIZ(SELMA BLAIR) are having relationship troubles, and that’s were the movie kinda gets mushy. HELLBOY and LIZ’s relationship take up alot of this movie, understandable because the driving plot is kinda slim…bad guy wants to destroy humanity…but that’s okay because when LIZ and HELLBOY are bickering the movie is funny and light, although the circumstances are creepy. Although I woulda liked the love story to not be soooo gushy and mushy, I liked it and what it had to say about when your in love with someone whats really important. This movie is really heavy on the romantic front, they even gave ABE SAPIEN(DOUG JONES) some story…which was another love story, yes that’s two love stories in this action adventure. ABE’s lady, PRINCESS NUALA(ANNA WALTON) is a lot like ABE, which makes their love story about finding someone in the world that’s made just for you…yeah it’s even mushier than it sounds.

As far as the world HELLBOY is in, it’s the usual GUILLERMO stuff. I did love the introduction of a a new BPRD character but his actions at the very end of the movie were odd and didn’t really hold up his actions throughout most of the movie. At times I really felt like Guillermo was shoving anything he couldn’t fit into PANS LABYRINTH into this movie, especially the crazy wing thing with the eyes.That being said the creature designs were mind blowing. They helped make the world a vivid, distrubing place. And I’m so glad I’m not a little kid watching this movie, because Guillermo’s idea of a tooth fairy is scary as hell.

Finally to the action part of this action adventure…The action was actually good, when it happened. Guillermo is not a action director, and I know that…and you can see it in the fractured thought processes his characters show while fighting. By that I mean, they literally tell you at the beginning of the movie how the big fight at the end can be avoided, but when HELLBOY gets to the situation he totally forgets about it and jumps into the fight…then when it looks bad he remembers what to do to avoid fighting. When I think about it all the characters make really odd choices throughout the movie…almost idiotic choices just for the sake of pushing the story along. That being said I did enjoy the movie although it’s a bit underachieving story wise.


PROS: My own opinion on what could be subtext(that’s what makes a movie good to you as a person, sometimes), HELLBOY and ABE SAPIEN scenes, just good mindless fluffy fun

CONS: A little too mushy, a tad self indulgent, not a whole lot story wise(which kinda comes off flat), the ending was kinda lackluster.

“I know I look like a red ape, but you look like a bong with arms.”

“You can talk to the hand. My goggles are fresh.”

-“are we gonna talk about it?”

-“No…I thought it woulda been funny to have you light my fart…but it wasn’t.”

“You know what they say about a demon with a big hand…he’s gotta big ass gun.’

“Coming Next Summer: CHEECH AND CHONG in SPACE”


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