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E3 2008 came and went, but did it leave me with those awesome gamer feelings about my investments in the Next Gen? Yes. A million times yes, there are more and more games I can’t wait to play. I’m a next gen gamer, I have options on what I will waste my time with, so I watched all three consoles’ confrences and wondered whose vision was one thats tailor fitted to mine right now. First up was MICROSOFT, the 360 is the top dog in my house. It was the first next gen console I bought and it has a special place in my heart. So far MICROSOFT has given me the most fun and enjoyment, but would the announcements at this years E3 keep that streak going or would another take it’s place? Will SONY finally prove to me that I can have just as much fun on it’s console through entertaining IP’s(Intellectual Properties) or will my reservations about SONY’s company mindset fall by the waist side? And will NINTENDO make a case that yes I can enjoy the Wii for more than 30 minutes at a time?





  • NETFLIX streaming to my 360 is awesome. I never use the function on my laptop because I like to be pretty comfortable when I watch a movie. MICROSOFT has given me a good reason to use a service I have with my NETFLIX account.
  • LIPS seems like a awesome idea, finally I can plug up my IPOD and sing along karaoke style to ANY song I have on there…although I can name about three friends who’d be down to play with me…lol.
  • GEARS OF WAR 2…do I really need to say anything about that/
  • FABLE 2 should be really awesome, I get to do whatever I want and take down bad dudes with TE-LO or JOE…yes.
  • BANJO KAZOOIE:NUTS AND BOLTS, looks to be XBOX’s counter punch to LITTLE BIG PLANET
  • NARUTO:BROKEN BOND, I loved the first one and hope this sequel is just as good. Plus I loved this part of the manga and anime so give it to me
  • LEFT 4 DEAD, multiplayer zombie survival…yes
  • DASHBOARD UPDATE, looks good…real good
  • BANJO KAZOOIE on XBLA, I loved this game on the N64 I’m all in
  • CHAMPIONS ONLINE, I will have no outside life in 09


  • YOUR IN THE MOVIES, could be cool but it’s too wii like for me to care about it for my hardcore system.
  • HALO WARS, no offense it looks like fun but I don’t give a flying flip about RTS’
  • AVATARS, just don’t do it for me…but mine will be bad ass believe me


-With no announcement from BUNGIE like everyone expected you get docked points. Otherwise it’s looking like my XBOX and I are on the same page.





  • GOD OF WAR 3, I’m excited to play this. Which is special because I’m not too hyped about many Sony IP’s
  • DCU ONLINE, this is the reason I bought the PS3 in the first place
  • RATCHET and CLANK:Quest For Booty, looks like they’re going to finally give me a reason to sift through the horrible PSN games to find a really good one.
  • INFAMOUS, another IP that looks like fun. If it’s half as fun as CRACKDOWN was I’m in
  • LITTLE BIG PLANET should be awesome


  • HOME, I’m just ready for it to get here so I can see if it’s cool or not…Because I just want to see if I’ll be forced to use it or not.
  • KILLZONE 2, I’ll play it but I don’t really care about the story
  • RESISTANCE 2, same as KZ2. I’ll play it but I didn’t care for the first one that much so I’ll give it a shot but I don’t care about the game as a whole.


-Sony’s making headway, but if it weren’t for the blu ray player and DCU ONLINE I could miss the other games and not really lose any sleep.





  • Not a whole hell of a lot…
  • STAR WARS CLONE WARS, should be awesome to use the wii-mote like a lightsaber for real.


  • NINTENDO…Ummm, why the hell did you guys even come to E3? To announce more mini games? You coulda done that over video conference.
  • Another add on product…when’s it going to stop? Never because people who know nothing about games will keep buying them because they don’t realize they’re being milked for no good reason.


-Nintendo’s E3 prescence gets the dubious honor of being only the second thing to get a “F” from me, the first was THE HAPPENING, good company to keep NINTENDO.




  • GHOSTBUSTERS, I literally am counting down the months…I better be able to customize my character in the game…please?
  • PRINCE OF PERSIA, I was never a huge fan of the other games but this one is peaking my interest
  • ROCK BAND 2, I’m bored with Guitar Hero…sorry I gotta say it. I’m looking forward to creating a few bands in ROCK BAND. The ability to take band photos kinda sealed it for me.
  • SONIC UNLEASHED, looks great and hopefully plays better than the last next gen SONIC…I want something like SONIC ADVENTURE…Oh my gawd if somebody would just let me download that on one of my systems I’d be happy
  • MEGA MAN 9, I bought the mega man anthology for the ps2 so I’m in for this exercise in frustration
  • AFRO SAMURAI, looks interesting but hopefully it plays better than the Samurai Champloo game
  • MORTAL KOMBAT VS DCU, looks like fun I’m actually excited to play it
  • FALLOUT 3, looks like a ton of fun
  • STREET FIGHTER 4, Looks like some good stuff…I remember going to put put golf and playing Street Fighter 2 all day..maybe it’s about time to get back to those good old days.

It looks like I’m going to be spending A LOT of money on games…mostly for the 360 but a few for my ps3, and barely a nickel for anything on the Wii. they’re so many games I know I overlooked a lot of really good ones that just aren’t coming to mind. ’09 is the year I take over the super hero video game world!


-Overall good show, alot of great stuff is coming down the pike.


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