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So I’m putting it on the table right now, this review is going to be Spoiler free because spoilers are annoying. That being said, this movie is epic. Although it could have stood to be edited down a bit, it’s the Godfather 2 of comic book movies. I loved the way they attacked the idea of The Joker as almost a force of nature. That’s the reason I’ve always loved The Joker as a villain, he’s just insane and won’t stop until he’s proved his point…but we’ll never know what his point truly is because he’s insane. Now I’m going to say that this is by far Heath Ledgers best role I’ve seen him in, and I always enjoyed him as a actor. But in THE DARK KNIGHT, I forgot that The Joker was Heath Ledger.

The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT isn’t that different from Jack’s from BATMAN. People are going around saying that Heath did something groundbreaking, and I say he was truly amazing in the role…BUT it’s not a totally new take on The Joker. He’s a mix between the silly over the top Joker from Tim Burton’s Batman and the comic book Joker. People have seemed to have forgotten that in Burton’s Batman, The Joker killed a ton of people. He killed models, gang bosses, citizens, cops, etc…But with the jokey almost silly Nichelson take on the Joker people forget he was rather dark for the time. Heth Ledgers Joker is that joker, but with a more mysterious edge. We don’t know his background, the joker we get is the joker we see. That mystery makes him creepier but not different. I found myself surprised by the sheer number of things that this new joker did that were VERY similar to what the Joker did in Burton’s Batman.

All this talk about Heath as the joker you forget the main character is Batman. Now I’ve been a Christian Bale fan for a long time, way before Batman Begins…but I wasn’t the biggest fan of all of Bale’s choices for playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in the first movie. In the second Bale has made a lot of headway in getting a feel for the character. I felt in BATMAN BEGINS, Bale was not a good Bruce Wayne…after he starts being BATMAN. In my opinion BRUCE WAYNE is supposed to be ditsy and light hearted to throw off the idea that he could be BATMAN. BALE didn’t do such a good job separated BATMAN and BRUCE WAYNE in the first, but he did a great job in DARK KNIGHT. He played up the fact that the character he’s created as BRUCE WAYNE is seen as a playboy who dates any woman he wants. BALE knocked it out of the park, but I still am not into the gravely voice…it just sounds kinda silly, but I get it. And what the hell is with the crazy destruction BATMAN leaves in his wake? While watching the movie I wanted to scream after seeing all the property damage BATMAN caused. It was kinda ridiculous with Batman blowing up cars and riding through a mall, its totally against everything Batman is but he it looks cool in a movie to blow up cars, but if you think it out they’re better ways to have your hero get somewhere fast.

I loved the movie, I have to say it’s better than BATMAN BEGINS and is now the best BATMAN movie ever…but how do Batman and Joker do together. Thankfully they keep the dynamic the same as it’s always been. The Joker doesn’t hate Batman, he’s intrigued with him. The Joker see Batman as a equal, and a plaything. With the relationship between Joker and Batman, it’s easy to once again see parallels between this movie and Burton’s Batman but that’s because this relationship has been the same for more than 50 years. Batman is only as good as his villains, and this movie has the best and most classic of Batman’s villains. I loved the way they played on the fact that Gotham’s changing, mostly because the arrival of BATMAN. The villains are getting worse and worse, and the fact that he’s going to have to evolve to stop or at least survive these new criminals.

It can’t all be great, they were a few and things that bugged me about the movie, but they were very small. Before I said the movie could have been edited to make it tighter. I mean that some stuff was really not really needed to get the movie to where it needed to go. Some stuff felt padded on to try and give it a bit more to do, which is fine but wasn’t really needed. I have to say that I don’t know if it was the way it was shot, but when people fell off of things I didn’t really get too worried. With the camera so close it felt like they fell like one story. And I swear if I see BATMAN crash on top of another car or something else and be virtually unhurt I’ll scream. For a film that was always talked about being the realistic vision of the Batman world, some really ridiculous, super comic book ideals kept happening. The thing with the sonar kinda bugged me, it was cool at first but didn’t make any sense at the end.

This is what I think about SPIDER-MAN 3

This is what I think about SPIDER-MAN 3


PROS: Great movie, has my fav Batman villain and reminded me why I used to love another Batman villain before BATMAN FOREVER ruined it, great acting from everyone even Aaron Eckhart(I’m not a huge fan of his), BALE finally getting the dual identity of Bruce Wayne right, Ledgers Joker(which isn’t that different in execution as Nichelsons’)

CONS:Could have trimmed the fat a little, property destruction got a little comic in the execution, didn’t like the overall ending so much I felt we had already done that in the movie already.

“now who said they didn’t want to take their shots?”

everytime we take a ride he keeps putting his head out the window

everytime we take a ride he keeps putting his head out the window


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  1. Definitely best movie of the year!! And Heath’s performance was goddamn perfect, he completely got lost into the role.

    07/20/2008 at 8:53 pm

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