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Stuff I like:Dr. Horrible

DR. HORRIBLE SING ALONG BLOG is a interesting thing. It’s a three part video blog, but instead of it being about some 15 year old girl whose life is soooo horrible, it’s about a wanna be super villain. The way Neal Patrick Harris plays the aptly named Dr. Horrible is genius, you find yourself actually rooting for him. I was a little worried about the musical aspect, but the songs are just another part of the narrative and not used in a annoying hack way. The best part about this is that it was only available, for free, for about a week. It’s a cool feeling to know you’ve seen something that the wider world won’t hear about too late. The reason I haven’t mentioned it on the site before now is because this is the kind of thing you should either find out about on your own or not. Things like this don’t come around to often, and it’s going to be on dvd some time in the future. It’s just the inherent elitist in all nerds that make this such a awesome idea.


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