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So I’m just going to do a quick LOVE/HATE recap of things I found awesome


  • My favorite writing duo, SETH ROGEN & EVAN GOLDBERG, will be writing a episode of the Simpsons next season
  • DC is literally making their books a ode to everything I love: MILESTONE characters are coming to DC proper…I finally get STATIC in TEEN TITANS.
  • WATCHMEN. I’m actually looking forward to it
  • my favorite comics writer, GEOFF JOHNS, is bringing one of my favorite bits of SUPERMAN’s history to SMALLVILLE…The Legion Of Super Heroes.
  • The team from GREEN LANTERN:REBIRTH(which made me realize again why HAL JORDAN was one of my fav characters as a kid) will be tackling a character I never got a real chance to connect too…BARRY ALLEN-FLASH REBIRTH. Thank you again GEOFF JOHNS
  • KEVIN SMITH will be working on a BATMAN mini series…why yes please I’ll gladly sign up for that
  • More DC UNIVERSE ONLINE…my PS3 will have a use
  • DC Panels…listened to all of them and they were awesome. People forget that comics are the only reason COMIC CON exists in the first place.
  • FIREBREATHER cartoon, the comic is awesome can’t wait to see it in motion

There’s alot of stuff thats escaping me right now…Now to the stuff that either didn’t excite me or I just didn’t care


  • MARVEL panels and upcoming events…I haven’t really enjoyed a big MARVEL event in about three years(the space epics not withstanding). Every one seems to start off good then just begin to blow donkey. So with Secret Invasion boring me to tears, and with some new story featuring a character I can’t stand and wish didn’t exist(the 3rd Summers Brother:VULCAN) and a character who can’t talk(BLACK BOLT) I just can’t get into it. This might just end the streak MARVEL’s had with actually good space stories…Quesada and company had to ruin space like they have the regular MARVEL universe to make it even.
  • BLACK PANTHER ANIMATED SERIES: This kinda skirts the line, I love the character of BLACK PANTHER but hate MARVEL’s shoehorning of the relationship between he and STORM. But I do like the art style of the show being like that of JOHN ROMITA JR.
  • IRON MAN NICKELODEON CARTOON: Same as before, I’m always happy to get a animated show based on a comic book, but I can count the good MARVEL cartoons on one hand. Oh and IRON MAN is going to be a teenager to appeal to the NICK KIDS…we’ll see, they did the same thing to X-MEN and it didn’t last very long.
  • BATMAN-BRAVE AND THE BOLD: it seems I’m on the fence with these cartoons but I WANT to love them, but everything shown did nothing for me. BATMAN:B&B did excite me more simply for the scenes of guest characters, but the super kiddy look kinda sucks. But hey, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN surprised me to become one of the best cartoons of the season.
  • THE SPIRIT movie…ugh just ugh…I only liked SIN CITY, I am not in the mood for another SIN CITY look alike from the guy who created SIN CITY..way to mine your artistic sensibilties…god I really don’t care for FRANK MILLER in any shape or form.

I know once I post this I’ll think of something else but as a whole COMIC CON was good…it reinforced what I’ve known for awhile now…MARVEL isn’t really for me anymore, and DC is giving me everything I want on a silver platter. I don’t really like to talk about movies at COMIC CON because I feel strongly about what I feel to be explotation of Comic books and their fans to shill products that have nothing to do with comics or the sci fi community. It’s like shooting fish in a barrell…I understand it but don’t like it.


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