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I’m watching Bleach again…and the problem with that(Sorry Joe)

art style is the only real great thing about BLEACH

art style is the only real great thing about BLEACH

So I decided to start watching BLEACH again after stopping at episode 113…and I’m quickly reminded why I liked it and disliked it at the same time. As a anime fan from way back, I’ve always enjoyed anime and hated it. Anime in general starts off with a awesome idea but soon delves into insanity quickly after. BLEACH is no different, when I read the manga back in 2005 I loved the quirky character design and the interesting story, but when I started watching the anime I realised something..the story is kinda stupid. Okay maybe not dumb, but as the series goes on and stuff starts happening characters start to act and make stupid decisions.

Example…the good guys will be fighting some seemingly all powerful bad guy whose taken out almost everyone but the weakest character and the strongest character. The weakest character will be scared out of their mind and the strongest character stands there in a frozen state of worry(a anime mainstay). The strong character tells the weak character to help the wounded, but the weak character decides to fight the bad guy and easily gets their ass kicked…now the strongest character jumps in the fight and gets their ass kicked but somehow although seemingly gravely injured they win. The end.

And that ladies and gentleman is about 90% of every action anime ever made…I know I’ve been watching them since 3rd grade. Now there are some exceptions to the rule, like SAMURAI SEVEN…which outside of LUPIN the 3RD and the original DRAGONBALL series, is my favorite anime ever. BLEACH falls into a catergory that DRAGONBALL Z falls into, padding. BLEACH and another fav of mine NARUTO follow the lead DRAGONBALL Z started…drag out a 20 minute fight into about seven episodes. Although I love NARUTO and BLEACH to a much lesser extent, it is very annoyning to sit through padded episodes. Now while NARUTO has a interesting overall story following NARUTO, BLEACH has no such luck…BLEACH’s stories kinda stink, they’re very one dimensonal and aren’t really all that interesting after the story is introduced. But BLEACH does have a great saving grace, character design. The character design in BLEACH is excellent. It’s the main reason I still even think about watching the show, because it sure isn’t about story or character development. That being said I think I’ll still watch…when I get around to it…no rush here.

Now JOE is gonna hate me…lol


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