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THE MUMMY 3…or did anybody ask for this?


Well I think my stance is a given by the headline. First off I will say the movies not entirely horrible, I just don’t think I’d watch it over the 1st or even the 2nd Mummy movies…I would watch it before I watch THE SCORPIAN KING or the SCORPIAN KING 2(yes they did make a 2nd). This movie has the unfortunate distinction of coming out after INDIANA JONES 4. Now everyone hated (included myself a bit) the fridge and monkey scenes in INDY 4, but Mummy 3 has Yeti’s. The Mummy is know for being silly, and I’m fine with that…but this movie has a lot of problems. I’ll go with the most obvious one…BRENDAN FRASER looks a little older, but the guy DOES NOT look like he should have a kid who’s about 20 or so. I know it’s not the movies fault that FRASER hasn’t aged much since the last one, but all that needed to happen was make the kid younger. Also you can see every bit of action coming from a mile away, it was like the script was on Action Adventure autopilot. While watching the movie I got bored so I started calling out the bits of action that were going to come next to my dad(the man who got me into movies in the first place) and lo and behold every bit of action I knew was coming…came. I didn’t hate the movie, but it’s not good…at all. My dad found it barely interesting and he’s the kind of person movies like this are seemingly made for. Now I’m not hating on The Mummy 3 for no reason, I actually really enjoyed THE MUMMY and THE MUMMY RETURNS because they reminded me of action movies from back in the day. With action adventures being what made me and fan of film, I have to say I was disappointed in this movie…a movie that I couldn’t and probably shouldn’t have been made.


PROS:not many, Fraser is still(to me) a decent action hero, and at least JET LI’s statuesque personality works…if Jet Li plays a undead mummy in everything maybe I’d enjoy his work

CONS: bland action scenes, generic story, uninteresting all around


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