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TROPIC THUNDER review… or could I get a little less cruise?

This movie is hilarious. This is a movie that appeals to my likes very well. It’s a movie about the failure of filming another movie. These type of comedies always interest me the most, the people involved are willing to lampoon themselves or even friends for the sake of comedy. I’m a admitted comedy snob, mainly because to me it’s the hardest type of movie to create(to me). This movie even puts a ton of my favorite comedic(and semi comedic) actors together. I never would have thought that JAY BARUCHEL would be in a movie with ROBERT DOWNEY JR, or BEN STILLER no less. Now I’ve been known to waver on STILLER being funny but when he’s on, he’s on. Now JACK BLACK is in the movie, and is funny…mainly because he’s lampooning the type of bafoon character he seems to make most of his money being. BRANDON T. JACKSON is also very funny, and is brillantly insulted by DOWNEY’s character the entire movie…but not in a asshole kind of way. The list goes on and on, DANNY MCBRIDE(fellow North Carolina rep),STEVE COOGAN(wish he’d do more movies) and BILL HADER show up. This is a movie that could have really gone either way with me, if done wrong I coulda hated to see some of my favorite actors in a piece of poop(ENVY anyone? JACK and BEN I’m looking at you). I did find myself wishing they would have cut some more stuff out of the movie…all the stuff with the guys in the jungle was genius and laugh out loud funny and wish there was actually more scenes with them together. Now I could have done without so much Tom Cruise or Matthew McConaughey. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like them in the movie, but sometimes they were on screen too much. TOM CRUISE’s character was the one I could have had less of, I thought he was funny…but he would have been better without such long takes. With all his long takes it kind of slows the movie down, but his dancing was great although a little too strange and out there. I know CRUISE and STILLER are friends, but doing someone a favor and putting them in your hilarious movie is nice…just have the balls to cut some of the length down. During the extended CRUISE scenes I found myself slidding out of the movie, because it was obvious STILLER was trying to give him time to show a different side to himself so people could get into him again. I respect STILLER for it, but I would have enjoyed those scenes to be a bit tighter, or cut in a way which speeds them up to get to the funny one liners(which he did have a few)or put on the DVD. Gratuitous friend service aside, the movie was funny as hell. I enjoyed PINEAPPLE EXPRESS a little bit more, because I felt it was tighter…but this movie is my #2 favorite comedy of the summer.

CHARLES’ GRADE:B+ almost a low A-

PROS: The trailers for the characters in the movie were genius, Everything in the jungle was awesome

CONS: Little too much Cruise for my liking, the last McConaughey part was almost too silly…I literally said “WTF” when it happened

Dude I know Cruise is your friend, but couldnt you have trimmed his part down a bit?

Dude I know Cruise is your friend, but couldn't you have trimmed his part down a bit?

I am BUNG-HOLE-O give me your T.P

I am BUNG-HOLE-O give me your T.P

He gave us a B+ because he felt we should have been on screen even more than we were...WTF?

HEY! He gave us a B+ because he felt we should have been on screen even more than we were...WTF?


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