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Back in 1990 I was 8 years old and a show named 90210 came out. At the time the only idea of high school I had was from SAVED BY THE BELL and a canadian soap called 15. So 90210 was pretty boring compared to those two shows, to me. I only stayed around until the 3rd season as I bored of the same stories being told and even then I didn’t care for the acting from the shows stars. Now later I would come back when Tiffany Amber Theissen went to the show, but I didn’t stick around long after. Then when I got older I watched Buffy and Dawson’s Creek, but this time I was in High School and I could get into the dramatic stories. In College I started to watch DEGRASSI(on dvd) and DEGRASSI:THE NEXT GENERATION and was reminded of High School all over again. Now I have to say that when they announced the New 90210, I didn’t really care. What brought me in was the casting choices, because I actually knew who a few of the kids were before hand. So now with a somewhat peaked interested I waited for the premiere, with the mindset that I was going to give this show about four to five episodes to ‘hook’ me. Well call me hooked in the first two episodes. I’m quoted by friends in saying that I tried to watch GOSSIP GIRL, but the kids were so dis ingenious that I couldn’t take it after the fourth episode…well it’s the exact opposite for the New 90210. With the the familiar brother and sister characters being moved from the mid west to Beverly Hills I latched onto them as representitives of the viewers thoughts on this new environment. But with the fact that I’ve watched the an amount of the first series, I’m really being represented by the Dad. He’s a character that used to live there, but left when he got the chance and is now coming back to a slightly more decadent 90210. Now having seen the Canadian version of 90210, in DEGRASSI, I feel that this new 90210 has been watching those shows to get revitialized. I’m not saying this just because the main female character(Shenae Grimes) is/was a former/current character in DEGRASSI:THE NEXT GENERATION(we still don’t know how Shenae was written off of Degrassi yet). It’s because they used the same idea that Degrassi:TNG used, have a child or two from the first series regulars show up and put them in the same school as the parents…and bring some of the old school characters around for cameos or recurring roles. The New 90210 doesn’t stop there with the cribbing from THE N shows. They also borrow the big plot device(the adopted black brother) that SOUTH OF NOWHERE used when it premiered on THE N about 2 years ago. I know it seems like I’m talking crap, but it’s true wiki Degrassi:The Next Generation and South Of Nowhere and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s kinda serendipitous that the new 90210 took an idea from SOUTH OF NOWHERE, because it could be said that S.O.N took the idea of a family from the mid west to California from the original 90210…it’s all good, there’s no new ideas in Hollywood after all. The shows good, so far. After two episodes I’m in, now I can just sit back and wait for them to turn me off…but the outlook looks good for that not happening. I have to say that the reason I feel that this show will be better than the original in that this cast is more attractive(I’m speaking for the female characters…lol) and the young cast is made up of much better actors this time around…it also doesn’t hurt to have the mother from a fav of mine ‘ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’ take that character and make her a Grandmother. Also I don’t remember Shannon Doherty or Jennie Garth being this attractive when I watched 90210 the first go around, if they were I might have sat through more of that awful acting.

CHARLES’ GRADE: B+(this is for the first two episodes only)

PROS: The Young Actors(who most of them I’ve been fans of for awhile)

CONS: Not too many yet, but find something for the Aunt Becky…sorry the Mom to do soon.


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