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Episode 4- The Bubble

Episode 4- The Bubble

Episode Description: Harry (Rob Estes) reveals that West Beverly’s theater director is no longer able to direct the school musical, “Spring Awakening,” prompting Tabitha (Jessica Walter) to offer her services as the new director, much to Annie (Shenae Grimes), Harry and Debbie’s (Lori Loughlin) surprise. Tabitha’s approach with Adrianna (guest star Jessica Lowndes, “Greek”) doesn’t go over well, so Kelly (guest star Jennie Garth) convinces Brenda (guest star Shannen Doherty) to take over as guest director of the play. Kelly and Brenda get into a heated conversation about Kelly’s involvement with Ryan (Ryan Eggold) and how it may affect her son. Dixon (Tristan Wilds) is worried about the family’s financial situation and talks with Nat (guest star Joe E. Tata, “Beverly Hills, 90210”) at the Peach Pit about a part-time job. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) confronts her father’s mistress and is shocked when she learns the direction in which her parents’ marriage is headed. Annie is still upset with Ty (guest star Adam Gregory) and agrees to a date with Ethan (Dustin Milligan), only to be disappointed by its outcome. Michael Steger and Jessica Stroup also star.

Sarah Pia Anderson directed the episode written by Dailyn Rodriguez.


Good episode. I now know what makes me happy with this show. Give me some DIXON/SILVER action and I’m in. I did really like the ETHAN/ANNIE stuff, because they finally put a name to what anybody in a relationship or with a friend in a relationship knows all about: THE BUBBLE. I didn’t dig the way Jenny went after Brenda when she really didn’t do anything, but as the scene went on I saw what they where going for. And the fact they finally revealed who the father of Kelly’s baby was good, I thought I was going to get crazy hearing ‘He’ and ‘Him’ for the entire storyline. More crap keeps piling on NAOMI, I’m hoping they come off it a bit and give her something else to do. I’m wondering if we’re ever going to get back into the fact that DIXON and ANNIE’s dad has a kid out there somewhere? It’s been two episodes without even a mention of it.


PROS: We’re finally moving along with the overt DIXON/SILVER thing they kept starting then stopping mid episode.

CONS: I think they need to involve some of the other characters more, NAVID didn’t even show up at all this episode.

Im still his favorite part of the show...

I'm still his favorite part of the show...

At least theyll give me something to do next episode

Maybe they'll give me something to do next episode


So I'm going up against, it don't look good for me


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