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It was a tighter race than even I expected. I saved this book for last because I didn’t want to be unfair to the other books out this week because this was the one I was looking forward to the most…and for awhile there I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations because I was reading some really good books. Then I started to read and it quickly reminded me why this is my favorite book coming out right now. Geoff Johns gets Superman and his world. It’s almost as if Geoff goes into my mind and sees what I like and puts it on paper. I felt the same way when he was on FLASH and on every other book he’s done(Avengers, Hawkman, JSA, JLA). I always liked the idea of Brainiac because he is a villain that Superman can’t even hope to reach, he’s a cold-unfeeling robot. Now I’ve been on record saying that SUPERGIRL’s book hasn’t been really good or even half good, for a while but I still read it. With Geoff Johns writing Supergirl, you feel like she’s a real girl. I loved the fact that she’s afraid of Brainiac but still fights because that’s what Clark would do. Perfect. But the usual Geoff Johns jaw dropper moment happened later when Brainiac shrinks Metropolis(or at least a part of it) for his collection. Geoff Johns has effectively made Brainiac one of Superman’s most dangerous villains again. He also has done his slick retcon, with the revelation that Kara’s parents are actually still alive and have been shrunken down in Brainiac’s collection. Also Kara was sent after Clark was sent, nice little tid bit to add. Although I am not enjoying the JAMES ROBINSON run on SUPERMAN, I always say “at least I have ACTION COMICS” and once again Geoff has left me speechless in how stellar his run has been. Thank you Geoff, your single handedly keeping my favorite Superhero afloat. Now hopefully I will like the upcoming storyline with the Kryptonians on earth, although every inch of me has a problem with what it means…but I’m down as long as Geoff is involved.


Pick of the week Runner-up

ROBIN #178

ROBIN #178

This storyline is just reminding me why I love Tim Drake. He’s almost smarter than BATMAN. The things DC does to this kid are mind boggling but they keep giving him awesome moments to prove why he’s on the top of the teen hero scene(just wish Superboy was here too).

HONORABLE MENTION(s) of the week

*with so many really good books I couldn’t leave them out.



  • Good issue. I love LADY BLACK HAWK and HUNTRESS(always had a soft spot for Helena). And Misfit is awesome, I wish she’d join the TEEN TITANS. I’m kinda wondering why they haven’t gone back to the fact that Black Alice goes to school with her. The last page with THE JOKER walking in on BARBARA GORDAN made me gasp…and I knew it was coming.


  • This is the kind of issue that I love. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for teenage mutants( Oh how I miss you GENERATION X). I was not into the first four issues, but when the twist happened it made those four issues good to me. This is my favorite X-Man book right now.


  • Just going to say it…In the 90’s I was into Ghost Rider. I used to buy ‘MARVEL PRESENTS’ comics every time we went to FOOD LION and there on the cover there would be GHOST RIDER(DANNY KETCH) and WOLVERINE fighting. I ate those books up when I was a kid, and loved WOLVERINE and GHOST RIDER…but then I got older and GHOST RIDER started to suck. So I forgot, then they brought back the “original” GHOST RIDER(Johnny Blaze) and I totally lost interest. So I heard DANNY KETCH was in this new storyline and I freaking ate it up. I loved Johnny taking out Danny’s old villain, BLACKOUT, in a couple seconds…oh and nun chuk welding nuns, who doesn’t love that?

THE “THAT WAS POO POO” of the week

*anybody who knows me know I say “That was poo poo” alot. It’s one of a few slogans I repeat. So I’m changing my bad book title. To “THAT WAS POO POO”, because this is my blog and I can do what I want.



This book has never been a favorite of mine, because it always starred an Avengers team I couldn’t get behind because they were Tony Stark’s team. So when they started to do these flash back stories for Secret Invasion I was excited…but then I would find out that Secret Invasion bored me to tears and I didn’t care about the stories that happened in the Marvel Universe but were never told because that would have spoiled this story…boo. I just don’t care anymore, I just want this to be over so maybe I can salvage some Marvel love. A love which is evaporating the longer I’m battered by these crappy events they keep pumping out. I have to admit I’ve almost liked a couple of these stories, but this one means nothing and was a total wast of 22 pages.




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