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I’m going to put it out there. There are certain things everybody knows about me: I know Superman could take out Batman if he really wanted to, My favorite X-Man is GAMBIT, I’ve been known to watch a movie on a tv while watching a movie on a portable dvd player…and I think Shia LaBeouf is a awesome actor. Everyone always says “oh your boy Shia.” Yeah I don’t care if everyone knows it, he makes me believe everything he does. So when I heard of the movie a while back I was already signed in from the get go, and add the fact that one of my new favorite director, D.J. Caruso, was helming it I put the money aside quickly. Stuff kept happening and I didn’t get to see the movie opening weekend like I hoped and I started to think that once I saw the movie it wouldn’t live up to my imagination. Now after seeing the movie and going into it with blinders on(which is hard for me to do with me being such a “cinephile” and all) I ate it up. The movie does play by the usual stretched logic that ALL thrillers go by(The Fugitive, etc.), in that they have to stretch somethings to make the script work. Once I was strapped to the fact that I was watching a thriller I just went with it. It’s like watching an action movie and the hero gets shot a couple times and keeps fighting for what seems like hours while bleeding out. The movie starts off by giving you pretty much all the info you need to know, without you actually knowing it. Once we get out of the terrorist hunting field we’re inexplicibly thrown into the life of Jerry Shaw(Shia). Jerry comes off as a smart, albeit lazy and troubled kid. When Jerry gets the news about his twin brother and slumps against the wall, it hit me that this kid is awesome. I’m not even going to mention the scene with Jerry at the funeral, great bit of acting. Then we switch over to Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) and that’s where I started to get antsy. I started to get bored, although I really like Michelle Monaghan in pretty much everything I’ve seen her in. I felt that her character wasn’t nearly as indearing or entertaining as Shia’s. Either way we then go about the process of putting the two characters in the same car, with the usual thriller movie staples:vague threats, and thrilling spills).  Now the car chase was a bit crazy. I found myslef slightly off put by the edititing cuts but was thrilled nonetheless. I liked the add of other pawns in ‘EAGLE EYE’s web.

The movie slows down a bit and gives the two main pawns a chance to argue, but when they have to use guns it starts to become obvious that things are getting out of hand very quickly. Now this movie may expect you to believe certain things, but that’s not extremely hard if you go into it knowing what kind of movie it is. I love the fact that D.J. Caruso has thematically made another Hitchcock-ian style thriller, but once again modernized(like Distrubia=Rear Window). I find it funny that M. Night tries so hard to make Hitchcock style movies, but generally fails to in his attempts. But Caruso takes Spielberg and Hitchcock(two of my favorite directors) and smashes them together and in turn creates his own thing. Put together NORTH BY NORTHWEST, 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY, and 1984 together and put it in a current movie blender and you have EAGLE EYE.


PROS: Great work by Shia, Monagahan,  and Billy Bob. Nice cinematography overall, and I loved the Distrubia dvd in the background when they were in Circuit City.

CONS:Sometimes I felt I was in a commercial with all the product name dropping, wish there was more Anthony Mackie, Rosario Dawson, and Michael Chiklis.

I see you M.Night, nah nah nah nah nah. My movies are making money and the Happening blew donkey

I see you M.Night, nah nah nah nah nah. My movies are making money and the Happening blew donkey

Im doing the Fugitive run

I ran in Distrubia, I ran in Transformers, I ran in Indiana...when will I get to do a movie where I don't have to run?


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