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I watched this movie mostly because of the writer-director, David Gordon Green. I knew he made this movie and with my new love for him after Pineapple Express, I watched it. Well it kinda ruined my weekend. This movie is pretty depressing at times and makes me wonder what Green was going through or thinking while making it. The movie is the usual depressing indie movie. The movie switches focus between Arthur(Michael Angarano) and Annie(Kate Beckinsale). Arthur is the usual nerd and the new girl, Lila(Olivia Thirlby)  obviously has a crush on him. Annie, who used to babysit Arthur, is trying to move on after a failed marriage to the creepingly unlucky Glenn(Sam Rockwell). Now the stuff with Arthur and Lila is great, I just wish the whole movie would have featured them more. Eventhough we follow Arthur a good bit, it seems the movie is building up to the breaking of Genn’s fragile state. Sam Rockwell is a great actor and he plays Glenn as a sad loser with perfect pitch. It’s when the ex-couple’s daughter dies where the movie totally gives in to the dark side. The performance Rockwell put into the psychotic break was very unnerving, mostly because the hurt his character was feeling came through quite clearly. This movie is good, but heartbreaking. I wish Green would have included a commentary on the dvd so that I could understand why he didn’t focus more on the blooming relationship between Arthur and Lila, in favor of the tragically unraveling of Annie and Glenn.


PROS: Great cast and performances

CONS: Very depressing, not a movie for multiple viewings

why couldn't I get more of this....

Instead of this

Instead of this


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