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Heroes Season 3 review pt. 1 (episodes 1-7)



Okay, I’m going to say this now…I love super heroes and comics. Well When Heroes first started I latched on because it was just like the comic Rising Stars (very closely, so closely I might’ve sued if I was the writer of the comic). It had normal people finding out they have abilities and the revelation that others out there had them too. That premise was so chock full of potential that I was in. The first season was good, it was new and thrilling. Then the second season came on and it took me forever to drudge through them on my DVR. The already slow pacing got even worse. Sylar was still alive and was riding around killing stupid characters here and there. I hated the new characters, they all kinda sucked…except Kristen Bell’s character. The season ended and I didn’t really care. I find that once Heroes is over I never think about it again, I watch it for the super powered stuff. I don’t watch it for the acting, because we all know that no one in that show is a exceptionally talented actor…it’s the reason why they were available to do a “experiemential” television serial. Well I banked about six episodes of Heroes and with the seventh coming on Monday, my oldest friend John(who had gotten into the show when it started to come out on DVD) and I(been there since the very first episode) watched a bunch of episodes back to back, with the Heroes fest ending with the new episode. I have to say, I rolled my eyes A LOT during the episodes. To me, Heroes has finally decided to go full soap opera. It feels like the only thing that seperates it from something like ‘Guiding Light’ is the quality of camera work. I’m also tired of Sylar, the fact that he’s still around is annoyning and kinda takes the drama out of any fight he’s involved in. Actually the entire show isn’t that thrilling anymore, since they fail to actually kill any of the main characters. Think about this… They “killed” Nathan twice, Peter seems to die every two episodes, Nikki buys the farm but there’s another girl out there that looks just like her(triplets anybody), and the H.R.G can’t stay gone. From a storytelling standpoint the fact that characters don’t stay dead kind of takes the wanted thrills from fights or whatever. Anytime Heroes goes to commercial with a character covered in blood there’s a good chance they’ll be right back.

CHARLES’ GRADE: C (for the season so far Episodes 1-7)

PROS: Hiro…



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