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The funny thing about this game was that I didn’t even know it was coming out. I remember the empty feeling I had when the awful Spider-Man: Friend or Foe came out, which was right after I was punched in the gut with the awful Spider-Man 3 movie and video game. I was soured on Spider-Man out of the comics(then Marvel kinda ruined him for me in the comics too) and didn’t want another video game or movie. Then a friend of mine(Joe) told me about a trailer for a new Spider-Man game. I remember watching it and not really being too excited, but I have to admit I did like the idea of joining sides with Captain America and Luke Cage and I got excited. Well I picked up the game last Saturday and popped it in. Well I have to say I didn’t make it too far into the game, because it’s not good. There’s some thing I just take for granted when I’m playing a Spider-Man game. I expect to be able to stick to walls with the touch of a button, countless times I found Spider-Man sliding down a wall instead of sticking to it. I also have to say I don’t like the purple/black suit. The story is pretty bland and the voice acting is akin to something from the SEGA CD days. The combat is okay, but for some reason I couldn’t grab bad guys with a string of web while in the red suit, only in the black. Then I had to have Luke Cage teach me how to fight…like Spider-Man. Really? Luke Cage, the guy who is invunerable is teaching me how to swing around and use my webs to fight bad guys. What in the world? I would have been able to accept Captain America teaching me some new moves, but not a guy who just punches things.


PROS: Graphics, fun swinging around the city

CONS: Crazy camera, shotty mundane Spidey abilities, using purple instead of black for the symbiote in the daylight, awful voice acting


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