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FABLE 2 review



I’m old school XBOX. I remember when I first turned on my XBOX that first christmas and listening to the haunting melodies for a strange game named HALO. Now that I’ve said this, I have a strange confession…I never played the original FABLE. I remember when it came out, but I never rented it or played it. I heard the gushing from best friends, from strangers…but in my defense when it came out my XBOX had stopped working, and I was forced into playing my PS2. So now I get to play a FABLE game for the first time and wow. I really love this game. It’s just big enough to not feel fenced in and the story is engrossing enough to make me want to see it through the end. When it was first announced that the protagonist would have a trusty companion in way of a pugnacious pooch(wow, watching too many old movies) I have to say I was excited with the prospect. That’s my main problem with RPG’s, even when your surrounded by NPC or Party Members you always feel alone because they only show up in the towns or in battle. But the dog follows you around, he’s your map in a way. He alerts you to danger and treasure. Is he perfect? No, but he’s a milestone in the genre. My main problem with the dog was the fact that other than barking and attacking enemies I had already beaten who fell to the ground, he doesn’t really help in a fight. When they said that if the dog gets hurt you can either choose to heal him or just let him limp a whine I was kinda taken aback that they would even put that into the game, who’s that evil to treat a dog (game or otherwise) that way. Well while playing the game the dog never got hurt. In my experience the dog only got hurt once and that was the last time I ever found a dog exlir. The combat system is very easy to grasp and is also one of the best I’ve had the honor of playing. They said that the combat would be handled with the tap of a button, the seasoned gamer in me scoffed at the simplicity. But sometimes simplicity can be genius and the combat easily ranks in that category. The NPC interaction is great, although when I did notice that once I become really popular in a area and everyone rushed me the game slowed down so much I had to restart the game. I don’t know if that was the game in general or just the copy I played. Also on the troubling side was the fact that I picked a quest that had me getting revenge for a jilted lover, but upon finding out that the woman was still torn up over it I couldn’t go through with it. That “noble” served to screw me, the only option left to me was to marry this girl. Then once I proposed I was to buy a house, but by being a noble man I had hardly any money so I couldn’t afford a place. I tired to break off the engagement but I couldn’t figure out how to. While annoying it was also a great thing. No matter how small the action it can set in motion a series of events. While FABLE 2 isn’t perfect, it is exceptional.


PROS: The story, the amount of things to do, the moral butterfly effect throughout the game, graphics, The dog serving as a map

Cons: The dog not really pully his weight in battle, random slow downs


2 responses

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  2. Nice review! I´m playing fable 2 also, and I ended up getting engaged to Alex 🙂 But I believe that if you want to break up the engagement, just treat her badly for a while and she´ll break up with you 🙂

    11/07/2008 at 12:37 pm

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