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Oh what happened from BENDER’S BIG SCORE to now? I loved BIG SCORE, it was funny and although the time travel got a bit crazy it fit the Futurama crazy scale. When THE BEAST WITH 1.000 BACKS came out it took a hour and twenty minutes of awful to get to about seven minutes of funny. When I heard about BIG SCORE, I admit I was not too excited but hoped it would be better than the second Futurama movie. Well it’s not better, and it’s no where near as tight or good as BIG SCORE. The whole rambling plot of this, the third of four movies, switches between multiple threads. A Dark Matter shortage (totally transparent commentary on Big Oil)/Bender playing D&D which somehow breaks his imagination circuit(which they said he didn’t have earlier in the movie) so that he can’t tell real life from fantasy/ the strangely easily to figure out in the first hint at paternity of the third of Mothers children/ Lela’s anger issues which then turn out to not be a real issue/ and the professors drive to end the need to use Dark Matter/ another tidbit of Nibbler’s past/ and a jaunt in a alternate D&D reality. Wow, if that seemed odd and contrived…your correct. The story is so  convoluted that it is almost unbelievable. The plot is almost impossible to follow, it’s not funny, it’s barely even a cohesive vision. The point they try to make early on in the movie is undone before the end of the movie. The professor is strangely cruel and even on a strange day out of character. I felt like it was a fan fiction from a D&D fan who had only seen passing episodes of FUTURAMA. While THE BEAST was totally awful, except the last seven minutes. BENDERS GAME takes the awful hour plus of The BEAST and tries to out do it, which it ultimately does.


PROS: The cartoons moved and were in color and the voices matched the mouths

CONS: The entire movie and the destruction of a once stellar show


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