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PICK OF THE WEEK: Comics for 10/29/08




I’m just as surprised as everyone else. This book has been featured in the ‘Poo Poo’ section more than any book so far. But once we got past that underwhelming and over rated arc, we get back to good stuff. When the Amazing Spider-Man special came out awhile back the stand out story was the Hammerhead story by Chris Bachalo(Generation X, X-Men, Witching Hour) and Joe Kelly( I Kill Giants, Four Eyes, Etc). I remember the good old days when I was hardcore Marvel when Joe Kelly and Bachalo were working on Uncanny, they did some great stories. When I saw what Kelly had done to make Hammerhead, a laughing stock character(which honestly most of Spider-Man’s villains are) and gave him the Geoff Johns style retcon, I was enthralled. This is what they’ve needed to do to Spider-Man for awhile now. Marvel is awful at creating new bad guys and as good as some of their heroes are their villains are pretty laughable. DC has made their villains dangerous and imposing. Finally Marvel’s catching on that instead of focusing on making new, awful villains, why not make your former D-List villains scary. Kelly succeeds on all fronts with Hammerhead. He has no qualms with killing people for the job and is ruthless, but he also has the old school honor tied to his actions. I really didn’t like Joe Kelly’s street tough language. When a writer doesn’t really know that world and implants it in his work, it sticks out like a sore thumb to me and is kind of offensive. Other than the ‘gangsta’ dialogue issues, he’s got a good handle on Spidey’s inner dialogue. I do have to say that too many of his people have to get the cool quips in and it feels forced, but hopefully he’ll settle down and find a groove. Now art wise I have always been a fan of Bachalo, even when it’s hard to discern what actual action is going on in the page it’s still great. His style is kinetic in a sloppy way, but you can tell he has full control of what he’s doing. It’s like a perfectly formed mud puddle. His Spider-Man is perfect, but sometimes faces change here and there. Very good start to a reimagining of a old character.


Pick of the Week Runner-Up

Superman 871

Superman #681

I hated the last arc, it had strange character speech and actions. It didn’t even feel like a Superman book because no one was handled correctly. Well I guess either Johns gave Robinson some back issues or told him that he’s writing a Superman story and that maybe the actual characterization of Superman should show up. This issue was leaps and bound better than the last arc, it almost made that awful thing seem like it never happened. I was resistant to the idea of 100,000 Kryptonians coming to earth because I instantly thought then what makes Superman special. Well the fact that Earth is his home makes him different. Superman is strangely a bit too naive to the obvious crap storm this brings to earth, but I buy it because Superman’s just lost his dad and he’s latching onto his fellow Kryptonians to take his mind off that. The last page was great. I just don’t get why some people hate Doomsday, he’s a pretty awesome character if you think about it. He’s pure uncensored rage, he’s The Hulk just way more bad ass.

‘Poo-Poo’ of the Week

Legion Of Super-Heroes

Legion Of Super-Heroes

I remember a time when I enjoyed this book. I love the Legion, it’s great when it’s good. I’ve read every incarnation of the Legion, sometimes I stick with it or I let it fall to the waist side. It also depends if a “Super” is on the book. When Superboy(Conner Kent) teamed up with the legion way back during the Superboy monthly I ate it up. Then when Superboy was on the Teen Titans their was the tease that he would leave the Titans for the Legion, but he stayed. Then they changed the Legion like they always do and Mark Waid was back and made it interesting with some great arcs. Supergirl was on the team for awhile and it was stellar, but they decided hey why keep a good thing going and sent her back tot he present. So without a Super the book was still good until one of the most prolific Legion writers ever came bac and they got a new artist…who is no Barry Kitson. The art is really unappealing, to me, and seems like they just hired someone in their first year od art school to draw it. This book has just not been good, I’ve let it slide for awhile but with the book getting canned and with me maybe not getting another Legion book I can’t stay quiet anymore. I want Geoff Johns or someone to write Legion. My dream team would be Joe Kelly and Tom Grummet as the creative team. Or even Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, that would kill.






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