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American Remake Watch: DEATH BELL

The American remakes of foreign films ramping up again, I decided to review movies that are going to get remade or I wouldn’t mind seeing get remade.




On the eve of the dreaded university entrance examinations, the lives of 24 of the smartest and brightest students at one high school, are on the line. Locked inside a classroom and nowhere to escape, a television monitor broadcasts a terrified Hae-yeong, the top student at the high school, tied up and seated on a chair inside an aquarium that slowly begins to fill with water. A voice from the monitor announces if the 24 cannot finish the exam administered within the allotted time given, Hae-yeong will die and so will everyone held captive inside the classroom. Thus begins the examination that will determine whether they live or die.

I saw this online and once I read the plot I quickly snatched it up. I have to say I did have to watch this on my laptop and as a rule I hate watching movies on my laptop. When this movie started I was taken aback by the fact that if I didn’t already know this was a horror movie then you wouldn’t really get it from the first few minutes. Until the first death you just get the feeling that this will be a coming of age movie. Once the killing starts it reminded me of Saw and Mindhunters. I loved the first SAW because of the fresh feel of it and the way they got around gore on a shoe string budget. DEATH BELL is the same kind of thing. The deaths are done in smart ways and the way they’re shot seems to be done because the budget wasn’t that big. When you have a small budget and you do a horror movie it’s smart to try and use more thriller aspects to get around the budget(CRY WOLF and SAW 1 come to mind). Now storywise I really loved the progression of the deaths but the red herring/sub plot kinda bugged me. Like in MINDHUNTERS you spend the movie trying to figure out who there is the killer, because it has to be someone thats been shown a few times. I guessed one part of the finale but the reveal was interesting and kind of caught me off guard. I have to say that the horror thrillers are something I’m usually drawn to. I hate asian horror movies because I’m not scared of ghosts, and for awhile I was worried that the ending was going to involve ghosts but ultimately it didn’t. This kind of horror is my kind of thing, since the slasher film is pretty much dead. Overall the movie is really good.





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