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Mc G on Wonder Woman?

I was looking around IESB.NET and they had a article up about Mc G possibly being tapped to direct the Wonder Woman movie. Well all I gotta say is, I don’t care who directs it. Once Joss Whedon was taken off the project, it automatically took a step back in the possible quality. I don’t dislike MC G, I just don’t want this to be Charlie’s Angels with Wonder Woman tossed in. There’s no proof that if he accepts that he would do that, but everything I’ve seen MC G do with woman in a lead role is pretty bland and super over the top. I’ll see the movie no matter who directs it(barring some strange Frank Miller or Tim Burton craziness) so I’m down. Just do me a favor and find a actress that is a really good actor. I don’t care what race, but just don’t make it a joke about boobies and butts. In the same article it was stated that Warner Brothers is high on MC G after seeing a cut of his forthcoming TERMINATOR, which by the trailers I’ve seen looks pretty bland. Just give me a Wonder Woman movie that shows why she stands next to BATMAN and SUPERMAN in the DC TRINITY.


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