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You are invited to the Street Fighter Tournament…Trailer.

Hey everyone its Joe again with some great news. Today Capcom and Udon have posted the official trailer to the highly anticipated Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on, coming soon to the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. This title has been in development for a long time and the final release date has been kept a close guarded secret by Capcom. Only until recent had fans learned it is allegedly to be released this November. The game itself features all new character and level animation redesigned by the creative teams at Udon comics also responsible for the Street Fighter comic series.

The Trailer features the character of Chun-Li being presented an invitation to the Street Fighter Tournament and then a montage of characters and scenes from the game. The back ground music for the trailer is none other than the tournament theme from the 1984 classic film The Karate Kid, “You’re the best” by Joel Esposito. I found this to be a great choice in BGM by Capcom and Udon and is likely to create alot more hype for this highly anticipated title. I can’t help but wonder if Ralph Macchio is a hidden character.. even though he’d be ruthlessly slaughtered it’d still be cool. We as I’m sure all of you will be keeping a closer eye on this title as the release date approaches… We Hope. (Link to trailer posted at foot of post.  Hosted on

Link to trailer on


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