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Quantum Of Solace Video Game Review



I’ve always been a huge OO7 fan. When I was a kid I’d sit and watch FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE on TV with my dad. I even have a 007 childrens book, I watched JAMES BOND JR. religiously. Although I’ll watch anything Bond, I didn’t like the Roger Moore/Timothy Dalton and I didn’t exactly go crazy over the quality of the Pierce Brosnan film (But I did like them exponentially more than the Roger Moore ones). When CASINO ROYALE was announced and they named Daniel Craig as the new Bond, I took the wait and see appoarch. Upon leaving CASINO ROYALE my 007 devotion was instantly renewed. On the video game side I can name the 007 games I really liked on one hand. I always found it funny that the Pierce Brosnan era video games where the best games. GoldenEye is still hailed as the best Bond game to date, although I like it I’m not as into it as others. I did enjoy the original Bond story video game, mainly because it was 3rd person(which to me is the perferred action adventure camera). I enjoyed playing as Sean Connery Bond in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, but some stupid controls quickly soured that one. Quantum of Solace is basically a tweaked Bond skin on the Call Of Duty 4 build. It’s Activision, I’ve been heard on this site talking about their questionable business practices. But I like Call Of Duty 4, even if it is a FPS. So when I popped the game into my XBOX 360 I was very impressed with the visuals. It’s the best looking Bond game EVER, although I also think it’s the only one on the next gen consoles. Now beauty can only get you so far, the controls of the game are great. I loved the feel of Bond crouching behind a banister and popping out Gears Of War style to shoot bad guys. Actually although it is using the COD 4 build, this game owes a ton to Gears of War(as does every shooter now a days) for the cover machinic. Although its a bit wonky when the fire fights get really heavy, which they do A LOT.

The thing is the fire fights get a little too heavy. Even the giant gun battle from the beginning of CASINO ROYALE(which for some reason isn’t in the game) wasn’t this crazy. I found myself yelling after countless deaths, “THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE!” If you’ve seen CASINO ROYALE and play this game you will wonder where the hell all these gun fights came from. Even during the Parkour heavy chase sequence from the beginning of CASINO ROYALE has shootouts shoe horned in. Same goes for James following Vespa, James finding Le Chefre. It’s a little too much at times. I know this is a shooter, but it felt like they added the Pierce Brosnan over the top action to the more subdued intense Daniel Craig Bond. Which sticks out like a sore thumb. Also the A.I is very unforgiving. Say your pinned down behind cover, because your getting shot at by ten guys and all of a sudden a guy runs around your cover and blows you away. The number of enemies on screen at one time are kinda insane for a non Rambo game. They also only let you carry two grenades(one smog, one frag) it’s also insanely hard to find them. There are alot of environemental hazards and it’s fun but the time it takes to set up the shot and not get riddled by bullets once you peek your head from cover is not.

The story of the game is pretty hard to get into. I was intially excited to get a glimpse at the story of QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but turns out they should have called this game CASINO ROYALE with a few levels from QUANTUM OF SOLACE. When you start the story your at the end of CASINO ROYALE, which turns into a shoot out that gets you ready for the insane action to come in the game. Instead of a bunch of cut scenes, you get a few cut scenes and then have to sit through a screen that looks like it came from Metal Gear Solid. You run around some rooftops chasing a guy, which is very annoying to do with a FPS. You go to a Opera house, but then your all of a sudden with the new Bond girl which they introduce by annoying chatter from M and some tech guy(which is how all the story points are handled). The thing is, I’m glad they didn’t straight up do the movie, but I’ve totally forgotten the few story points they gave you. It feels like I’m just being jetted around to the next shootout.  After your just starting to get into the QUANTUM story your brought back to CASINO ROYALE, which drags on way too long with the tacked on shoot outs. I loved the movie but playing the levels was a grind. Once you’ve literally gone through every scene of CASINO ROYALE, your off to the final level of the QUANTUM story. The last level is pretty crazy, it’s pretty much a underground parking structure. I felt totally outgunned being one man against a actual army. Once I stopped playing the game I started to get a little worried about the QUANTUM movie. With so few levels devoted to QUANTUM, I’m pretty quick to believe that the movies story is pretty much just a revenge movie. Whether or not that will be a good thing will have to be seen. Either way I still plan on seeing the movie on Friday.





2 responses

  1. certinora

    After Die another day it is the best movie I ever watch. The cars and the weapons used by the bond was super cool. I need to see it for several times. So much action and adventure also did not feel the difference of the actor too. I think it is because the stronger appearance of the bond culture allows me to enjoy it glad to see movies like this.

    11/14/2008 at 9:59 am

  2. looks fun, though it would be difficult to beat GoldenEye

    11/16/2008 at 8:00 pm

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