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BATMAN:The Brave and The Bold episode 1 review

Episode 1:The Rise of the Blue Beetle!

To be honest when this show was announced I wasn’t excited. I was excited to see some DC characters that haven’t been animated yet, but I wasn’t excited about the show. I’m always hardest on comic book cartoons, it’s in my nature. I was lucky enough to grow up during the golden years of cartoons. I’ve seen the SUPER POWERS, the SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, BATMAN:TAS, SUPERMAN, etc. etc. I’m a lot of things and a cartoon snob might be one. When this show was announced I quickly remembered how much I hated THE BATMAN(before the 3rd season) and the way they dropped the ball on BATMAN. Watching this cartoon quickly made me feel like I had been taken back to the SUPER FRIENDS times, and that’s not totally a good thing. The first episode started off with BATMAN teaming up with GREEN ARROW, a version of GREEN ARROW I never really cared for. They fight a pretty goofy looking CLOCK KING and we get to know that in this universe BATMAN loves teaming up with people. This BATMAN is more like the Adam West BATMAN than we’ve seen in a while. Then we see the new BLUE BEETLE watching the fight on TV with his friend.

Now I never bought a issue of this particular BLUE BEETLE’s series but he’s in the TEEN TITANS so I’m pretty familiar with him. The animated version is dead on, except having Will Friedle(Ron Stopable, Terry McGinnis) do the voice for a Hispanic teen was a bit of a stretch. This is the part when the show kinda peaked my interest but also showed some pretty big flaws in it’s storytelling. So BLUE BEETLE was watching the live feed of the GREEN ARROW and BATMAN team up and then instantly BATMAN’s outside his window? Kind of weird. Also BATMAN grabs him to take care of a meteor. I’ve been reading BATMAN since I first started reading comics in 3rd grade and I really don’t think he’s the right guy to take out a meteor. Why isn’t Superman/Supergirl/Green Lantern/ or anybody with powers taking care of it? I liked the way they put in the bit from the comics that BLUE BEETLE’s suit kinda does its own thing at times. So the two heroes go through a worm hole and find themselves on a planet that’s been saved by the old BLUE BEETLE in the past. Now here’s where we get some more cool stuff from the comics in KANJAR RO, an old JLA foe.

A little too Adam West for my tastes

The voice of Batman: A little too Adam West for my tastes

Tiny factoid: KANJAR RO is the villain in my oldest Justice League reprints that I read when I was first getting into comics . The animated version is more in tune with the recent update of the character, but I feel that the old version might have been more in tune with this 70’s style cartoon. Now the ending to this episode isn’t really interesting, they win by learning a lesson about not giving up blah blah. This show has got some problems with the storytelling, but I do enjoy the 70’s style retro look of some of the characters…although some heroes don’t fit into that mindset and feel like they just threw them in. This being the first episode, it’s not good but it’s still better than WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN.


PROS: 70’s style look to some characters

CONS:Some characters don’t fit the overall look of the show and feel tacked on, Reminds me too much of the SUPER FRIENDS toddler toys


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  1. I agree with a lot of your initial assertions. Batman: TBatB dis start out rather weak, and I too thought the premise too much of a throwback. But it grew on me over the course of the 13 episodes. It got a little darker and a little more serious.

    Oh, and you are right about “The Batman”. I thought it was a little too soon for a Batman reboot after Justice League. They admitted they changed the character in look and feel over the seasons and it did get better later on.

    Check out my take on season 1 if you want. I threw in some interesting pics. I was not as hard on it as you overall.

    03/30/2009 at 6:33 pm

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