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PICK OF THE WEEK: Comics for 11/12/08




I hate to even pick this, but this week was pretty uneventful on the comic front. This was the one book that actually got a reaction out of me. The reason I’m hesitant to pick it is because I’m hoping this doesn’t get hit with the usual Kevin Smith(and all part time comic writers) problem of lateness. He’s notorious for starting off strong and then it not coming out for a few years. Either way this three issue mini centers on a character he created for his last Green Arrow run, Onomatopoeia. For some reason Onomatopoeia saves The Joker from DEADSHOT and breaks him out of Arkham. Kevin Smith is the king of dialogue. His Joker is great, but I didn’t really get why his Batman was so hardcore. He was a little too hardcore, he was almost Punisher level. I loved Joker being upset at Maxie Zeus for taking his Joker venom and turning it into a club drug. The Joker blowing up Zeus’ nephew and classmates just to prove a point was great. Overall solid beginning that makes me want to see where it will go next. Just please get there in a timely manner. Please.


Pick Of The Week Runner Up

Detective Comics #

Detective Comics #850

Two bats books at the top of the stack? I think this is the first week Action Comics has come out and I haven’t made it a pick. But whatever. I’ve enjoyed this storyline since the beginning because I love the HUSH character. The reason this book wasn’t the pick was more because they kind of destroyed the character. When you destroy a favorite villain of mine I have a hard time making you the pick. This issue wrapped up the whole Heart of Hush storyline rather quickly, a little too quickly. I did enjoy Bruce’s finally coming to terms with his feelings for Selina. Although they pretty much destroyed HUSH, I did like them upping Catwoman’s cool factor. She’s always been a good guest star, but I never got the feeling she was totally deserving of all the devotion her fans gave her. The end scene makes me like her alot more.

POO POO of The Week

The Other Side #2

Ghostbusters:The Other Side #2

Why can’t I get a good Ghostbusters comic? It shouldn’t be that hard, but every time there’s been one it’s been awful. This one is no different. The story is that there’s this burgeoning ghost gang war, yeah I know. While the ghostbusters go to capture some generic ghosts Peter is taken over by one of the gangsters, and for some reason once he’s out Peter is catatonic. Now the remaining Ghostbusters are worried and they get killed, yeah. Then they go to the after life and are chased around by Ghosts, until Peter shows up and rips a monsters entrails out.



100 BULLETS #97

100 BULLETS #97


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