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Well it looks like VIZ MEDIA is finally catching on. On Jan. 2nd NARUTO.COM will start uploading episodes every Friday, eight uncut episodes at a time. On Jan.15th though they’re going to start uploading the newest episodes on Friday and keep uploading the older ones until they catch up to the 3rd season in Japan. I glad, because if I had to go to some other shady site to watch episodes I woulda went crazy. I’m way behind because I spend most of my time finding movies and British TV shows that I just can’t take on downloading Anime again on the regular. Oh and I hate Dattebayo’s attitude towards subbing anime, they treat it like it’s a chore and are consistently douche bags. After reading a few website statements I stopped going to the site. Sorry it’s just real, if they were the only game in town maybe I’d understand the attitude but they’re not so if it’s such a hassle stop. Don’t whine and threaten to stop subbing but continue to do it and still bitch. Thank you VIZ MEDIA for cutting those dick tards out of my browsing.


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