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“Xbox 360’s life cycle will outlast PS3 lifecycle by one day”

I have both a PS3 and a 360, and the 360 is my #1 choice in gaming. I don’t really care for the PS3 exclusive games and use it mostly to watch BLU RAYS and random video files of shows I can’t normally see. It also seems to translate to pop culture, anytime you see characters playing video games 98% of the time it’s a 360 controller in their hands. It hasn’t always been that way and thus the inherent rivilary between the two. Right now 360 has the lead, but you’d be crazy to believe Sony is going to lay down without a fight. Now while theres always been a battle of words between the consoles, it seems SHANE KIM wants to make it personal. SHANE KIM is the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s games group and his job is to talk up his company but dang. According to KIM lays down the gauntlet. When asked when the life cycle of the 360 he said, and I quote:

“One day longer than the lifespan of the PlayStation 3.”


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