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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 4 review

I’m going to keep it short and sweet, this show is the best comedy on TV. I love The Office just like everybody else, but this show takes chances that The Office just can’t. I mean do you think that The Office can devot a episode to cannibalism or dunking ones balls into another man’s mouth? No didn’t think so. This show is so fearless and insane that it’s actually pretty easy to miss the nuanced performances that make the show so great. Charlie Day(“Charlie”)is one of the stand outs on the show, his performance always trumps anyone in a scene with him. His character is so strange/psychotic/endearing that it’s hard to fault him for being a utter idiot. But while Charlie is the standout, to me, it would be wrong to discount everyone else. This cast is one of the best in TV because everything that happens on the show feels so natural that it’s impossible to believe that they do so much improve and playing around. The show feels like four friends and a dad are just sitting around getting themselves into trouble. Now with this being the fourth season the shows hitting it’s stride. I have to say that when the season first started I was a bit worried because the first episode back didn’t grab me the way it usually did, but with the second episode I was back. That being said the show did have a bit of a clunker, while funny I just wish that story hadn’t taken away from the much funnier sub plot of Sweet Dee trying to find some girl friends. Other than that this season was just as great as the others, it’s usually hard for a comedy to keep up the funny for four seasons but not Sunny. What I also hate/love about the show is it’s small BBC type seasons. Having only 13 episodes makes it easier to wrap the seasons in a overlaying theme but when it’s really fun it sucks it’s so short. All in all if your not watching this show you should be watching it if your a fan of insane comedy.





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