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It was a stacked week, a lot of good books and one that I assumed would be the pick and it didn’t do it for me. JSA have had a few special issues to help end this giant GOG storyline. I’ve liked them all but this one was the best. The ending alone made me go ‘Uh Oh’. S is about to hit the F. Since Johns has come back to JSA I’ve been in seventh heaven. I hate to say this because I’ve spoken to the awesome Dwayne McDuffie, but I wish that the second Justice League book coming up would be written by McDuffie and the main JLA book be written by Johns. GOG is also why I’ll always say that DC has better villains than Marvel, they’re actually frightening in their scope and power.


Pick of the Week Runner-Up(s)

With so many good books coming out I had to mention a few of the ones that gave me the most enjoyment.



  • I was reading this and it reminded me of how much I used to love Marvel Comics before all the events I hated. After I got over the seemingly awful idea of Lady Bullseye, but after seeing her in action over the course of three issues she’s actually pretty interesting.

Wolverine Origin #30

Wolverine Origin #30

  • What the hell? I’m actually enjoying a arc about Wolverine? It’s really like the old days. Without the stench of Marvel Big Events I still enjoy this world. I’ve read about four whole issues of Wolverine Origins(two involved Captain America…duh) and the two I’ve read for this ORIGINAL SIN story arc were good. I feel that they’ve actually kinda captured the pain and sadness that I always thought was inherent in Wolverine, but no one seemed to recognize.

Captain America #

Captain America #44

  • Another Marvel and another Ed Brubaker book. He’s the closet Marvel’s got to Geoff Johns. Now while I didn’t care for his X-Men runs I’ve loved his DAREDEVIL and CAPTAIN AMERICA runs. I loved this issue mostly because we got more of Bucky’s Winter Soldiers past, Batroc, and more Black Widow and Bucky. I really got the Geoff Johns vibes during the inner monologue from Bucky when he was fighting Batroc the Leaper. Another Johns’ esque thing was the retooling or as I like to call ‘BADASSIFYING’ of Batroc.

POO POO of the Week



I don’t even know why I looked at this…wait yes I do Arthur Adams and Frank Cho art. But even with those two making art out of crap it’s still not enough. There’s no stakes in this book and the book feels like it’s not important…mostly because it’s not. Nothing makes sense in this book, it’s just a book about a red and green Hulk punching crap. Who’s the red Hulk? You may ask…well I don’t know because I don’t even remember if they told us who it was. I don’t even remember what happened last issue because it takes so long to come out that whatever story points that actually carry over are forgotten. It feels like they’re just jumping around and doing whatever.



Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #4


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