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Super Street Fighter 2 tur… A Good Street Fighter Game.

Hey Everyone, Its Joe again I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving as I did. I figured with the holidays out of the way I can get some time to get a Post in.

As the title says, the new Street Fighter game is out, available on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Networks and as no surprise to this blogger, its really good. Finally, after months and months of nail biting sweat dripping anticipation, the game Capcom has only been teasing about was in my hands. The first thing I noticed about the game as I started it up was the title screen where you have both Ryu and Akuma face to face holding their own fireballs in their hands and the amazing graphics there in. The developers truly out did themselves with this beautifully rendered image for the title screen. The BGM of the classic Street Fighter Theme remixed into an edgy rock/techno mix that gave me chills begins here and follows you through the menu selection process. The main menu, simply designed to house the selections of arcade, multiplayer, and various other extras. Everything has been redrawn by the talented team at Udon comics, the backgrounds, the facial animations, and the ending cut scenes. No detail was left un-touched and it really breathed some new life into this old classic.

After you choose your fighter from some excellent high res thumbnail shots its time to get into it. The game pretty much stays true to its roots here, with a plane flying over to the next country to indicate the battle ground of your next opponent. The fighting speed has truly been beefed up to show the change in times despite the age of the title. The speed of the fight and the responsiveness of the characters is excellent and very fluid like. Even fighting on the horrible Xbox D-pad wasn’t as much of a chore as it was on the original.

The game is just as difficult as you remembered, with characters like Sagat and Vega appearing to know every move your going to make before you do. There are some nice Xbox 360 achievements you can get, the best one to me being the “Scar of Sagat” achievement. This requires you to defeat the behemoth Sagat with Ryu’s powerful Shoryuken technique, a very nostalgic achievement to any Street Fighter fan. Other achievements include time opponent defeated in, game completion, and a bunch of online multiplayer achievements.

The multiplayer option really gives the game some great benefit also, with ranked, player, and custom matches and the inclusion of Tournament mode. The initial versus options have about 6 players take turns battling the winner of individual rounds. These modes take me back to the “I got winner” days, which is very fun for long time fighting game fans such as myself. Players not fighting are spectators and watch the fights which can prove to be strategically beneficial or intimidating depending on the skill of the active warriors. Tournament mode is a test of players skills as they are slotted up against one another and advance to take on fellow winners in typical tournament fashion.

All in all Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, is worth saying the full name because it is a great game and always has been. I say it always has been because it is the same game I remember from my childhood, but with a fresh coat of paint and a wax to make it shiny. Though it may be the same game, that doesn’t make it not fun to play. The game is plenty of fun and a great distraction from the seemingly endless supply of shooter games and the fact that the next NEW version of the franchise is 3 months away. Capcom, keep up the great work!

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