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Finally the QUANTUM OF SOLACE review

I’ve been meaning to get to this review for awhile, with the Holidays/other movies/TV/tons of video games I’ve been behind on some reviews.

I swear I never get tired of saying it, but I’m a old school Bond fan. As long back as I can remember I’ve loved Bond. Be it James Bond Jr or what have you, it’s my thing. When you think of Charles you can put British lover and Bond fan in the pot. I played and reviewed the game on the site and went into the movie knowing it wasn’t going to be as action packed as the game, which added ridiculous action just for action sake. Overall I think the movie is really good, it’s not better than Casino Royale in alot of ways but it’s really good. The movie takes place soon after the events in Casino Royale and you can tell. James Bond(DANIEL CRAIG) is a broken hearted man who tries to keep it bottled up but you can see it written on his face the entire movie. Bond’s still the same, but he’s certainly much darker and seems to be filled with a sort of death wish. Giving Bond this added wrinkle and underlying frailty just makes the character more than a guy with suits,gadgets, and famous catch phrases. This is the first time I watched a Bond movie and felt that he was more than just the epitome of old British cool. Sean Connery made Bond a suave spy, Roger Moore made him a punch line, and Brosnan made him a super hero. With Casino Royale and Quantum, Craig has made him an actual character.

love this pic

love this pic

Now I was blown away that the director, Marc Forster, had directed a old fav of mine in FINDING NEVERLAND. Forster also directed the 2nd of only two Will Frelle movies I like, STRANGER THAN FICTION. For a guy who isn’t known for action scenes he handled them perfectly, but that might be because he had the guy responsible for the BOURNE movie action scenes as a consultant. The script was written in part by PAUL HAGGIS, who is a awesome screen writer. I did find myself taken out of the movie a bit with the homage to GOLDFINGER, while nice I’m kinda getting tired of the idea that at least one bond girl has to die. Maybe that’s because I preferred the really hot GEMMA ARTERTON over the hot but oddly more manly OLGA KURYLENKO. I didn’t really understand where the kiss between Craig and Kurylenko in the movie, it felt tacked on. Kurylenko’s character was more of a comrade for Bond not a love interest. I like Olga but I can’t say that I’ve ever really enjoyed her in a movie. She’s attractive but not a good actress.

Olga, Daniel, Gemma

Olga, Daniel, Gemma

This movie has a lot to thank BOURNE for, the fight scene in the hotel was great. I don’t know what it is but the sheer brutality of this Bond blows me away. Normally a character who stabs someone in the throat and watches them die is a villain, but when Bond does it while looking around to make sure no one sees it just feels like he’s a bad ass. I thought the car chase to start the movie was good, but I found it hard to really tell what was going on at time with the car mounted cameras. Too much shaking can muddle with what your trying to see in a scene. The foot chase after the opening was insane. Oddly that was the best action scene in the movie, which takes me to a few other problems I have with QUANTUM. I get why you have to do it, but the main villain isn’t a fighter he’s just crazy but having him try to fight Bond is funny. Now while the fact that he swings the axe was great the fact that it even got that far was weird. I down right hated the theme song. The hook was good and if it was just an instrumental I woulda been fine, but it’s just awful. I still can’t believe people didn’t like the Chris Cornell song, that song is awesome. Overall Quantum is a great movie, it’s not Casino Royale and I’m actually glad it wasn’t.




oh Strawberry Fields we barely knew ye

oh Strawberry Fields we barely knew ye




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  1. Just change his name to Jason Bourne allready. To much action not enough everything else.

    Olga is the hot girl of the moment right now with roles in all kind of movies. She is headlining the action movie Kirot.

    In the movie she plays a woman that is coerced into becoming a hit woman for a shadowy organization after being imprisoned for working as a prostitute.

    She escapes from her new employees and joins forces with an abused woman she encounters on the run. Together they embark on a campaign of revenge.

    Sound like the movie NIKITA to me but with olga and that makes it 100% better šŸ™‚ and the original NIKITA movie is great!

    12/21/2008 at 2:30 pm

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