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When Microsoft announced this new experience I didn’t care, all I heard was NETFLIX streamed to my 360. Well when the experience went live I was surprised. I enjoyed making a avatar. As far as I’m concerned XBOX’s Live service is so much better than the PSN it’s ridiculous. PSN does have the free thing going for it, but it works like it’s free. While XBOX LIVE actually feels like a community, PSN feels like I’m in Siberia and I have to fight for my life to have fun. I didn’t know if I’d enjoy a new interface, but the new experience does what Microsoft has been doing since the beginning. I don’t know what it is, but just moving around the menu feels perfect. The little sound effect just adds to the way it feels. The experience is like going into Best Buy when you have a $100 gift card, everything just comes to you. I did have a issue with the slim choices for your avatar and the inability to change clothings color, but hopefully that will be fixed later.

It’s not just in the interface that Microsoft knows what it’s doing. I can’t believe that they changed the entire look and feel of XBOX LIVE with a update that took me 7 minutes on a crappy DSL line. When Sony “updates” the PSN it takes forever and that crap looks exactly the same. I haven’t gotten around to playing with the NETFLIX functionality yet, mostly because I don’t feel like buying another GOLD membership just to use a service that I’m already paying for. I want to get the Gold Membership package with the 60 gb hard drive, but I keep changing my mind.

Even with the silver membership XBOX Live is still fun, I can still bother Joe while he’s playing Street Fighter with a quick text message. I would like the Xbox Live Demo scene to get back in the swing of things, I miss the wednesday demos but I think it’s just the holidays. It’s not all good, I kinda don’t the fact that if you decide to put up a wallpaper that it’s automatically cut in half to make room for the Xbox Live gray base for the Experience windows.

Overall this experience feels like a step in the right direction. If anyone reading this wants to say hey on XBOX LIVE my gamertag is CHUCK LEGEND360.


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