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Charles’ Pick of the week: Comics for 12/10/08

I’m changing it up a bit this week, with more and more weeks with a bunch of books I read coming out I feel like I’m doing some of them a disservice by not even mentioning them. I can’t and don’t read everything so just because I don’t mention it doesn’t mean I don’t read it, some stuff I wait for trades and hardcovers(WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE). Feel free to bash if you feel the need to make a big deal out of a nobody(me) not liking a comic you liked, and I know someone will because I’m not going to like the same stuff as everyone.




This week was really close, it was between this and Dark Reign. If Dark Reign would have been more about intrigue other than Marvel “bad guys” sitting around a table talking about how they’re gonna get along I would picked that. Secret Six was more of a good time. This issue continues the first arc pitting Junior against the Six. The dynamic between the Six is what makes this book what it is. Be it Bane’s odd paternal protection over Scandal or Deadshot and Catman arguing like an old married couple, it works. I’m not a big fan of what Gail is doing on Wonder Woman but I loved her on Birds of Prey and Secret Six feels like that all over again. I also have to say the creation of Junior is one of the most interesting and actually creepy villains I’ve seen in a while. I thought the idea that a get out of hell free card being the sought after prize was risky. If that happened in Marvel they’d go nuts, but it works within the DC Universe. With the villain heavy last page I hope it lives up to the action I come to expect in a story with the Six in it. I also hope none of these characters die, because I actually root for them in a weird way.


P.O.W runner up



I almost made this the pick because I’m so happy that Secret Invasion is finally over. This was a good Bendis issue, but it’s hard for me to care what went on. I feel that way because I know this is just going to bleed over into another event at the end of year. Marvel’s kinda killed the idea of a big line sweeping event because they haven’t taken a pause in long time. It’s the MARVEL CYCLE as I like to call it. You start with a interesting status quo change or not so interesting status quo change but instead of letting tension build for awhile you only get a year and the next thing happens. I would really respect and enjoy a status quo change that didn’t get thrown out at the end of the year. I really hope, and know it won’t happen but let this new ‘regime’ be there for two years and then have a big event. Well we’ll see because putting Norman Osborn in charge tells me this isn’t going to last very long because he’s a nut job. Marvel is doing there job and they’re going to make me pick up more Marvel books with this new change but I don’t know if I’m in for the long haul. I am looking forward to the Nick Fury book though. Here we go on another ride, hopefully I don’t get sick this time.

The Rest of the pile



  • New Krypton has been getting better and better. This woulda been the pick any other week but the Creature Commandos kinda took me out of the book. I know Johns is the best at bringing in old characters and making them cool, but this might be a stretch even for him. The new designs of Metallo and Reactron were cool, but the problem was that I forgot they were changing Reactron and had no idea what they were doing to Metallo. The only reason I knew he was Metallo was because Reactron called him Corben. Can’t wait for SUPERGIRL this week because things are about to really hit the fan.



  • It’s weird my first Punisher comic I ever bought was PUNISHER: WAR ZONE #4 when I was a kid and I loved it, Romita Jr art so good. Over the years I’ve enjoyed a few Punisher stories here and there, but could never really get behind him because he’s a serial killer and that’s hard for me to really relate too. I prefer my Punisher in the regular Marvel Universe where he really doesn’t fit at all, but I still prefer it. When Ennis came on I read his stories and loved them for being so balls to the wall violent and then I soured on them because they started to all read the same. Well this was a really good issue and this is the way you should do a Punisher book, not a regular series just a six issue mini that gets straight to the point and leaves on it’s on accord. My biggest beef was that the cover ruins the “big” reveal at the end. Otherwise a really good bread and butter Punisher issue.



  • Oh Final Crisis, I love that you challenge the way I read an event…and I hate you because your kinda confusing at times. With this issue I feel like I have no earthly idea what the hell is going on. I did laugh when they kept mentioning that the anti life equation is distorting reality and making things feel crazy and I instantly thought hey maybe I’m infected with the anti life equation because this feels so scatter brained I could scream. Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying the ride and the challenge but I feel like I’m looking at the scattered notes of a genius on a padded cell wall. When did Mr. Miracle get shot? I can’t remember if he got shot last issue or in one of the one shots, I’m wondering what happened to The Flashes way back when. I’m wondering when we’re going to see the end of Superman’s trip to the future or his trip into Limbo…Somethings gotta be done because I don’t know if I’m the only one but this is feeling like it’s come off the tracks. Here’s to the story making more sense when it’s all put together in trade.



  • DC is taking me back to middle school and I love it. I have to admit I never really read the Shadow Cabinet and only knew the character designs from the ads they had in STATIC. I know who Hardware and Icon are but everybody else is a mystery to me, so I’m hoping they explain them and how Superman and Black Canary know them. I loved seeing ICON and him laying down that he’s a bad ass, but I’m really hoping they explain all this real soon.



  • I really like this book, but I think the magic stuff is gonna wear on me pretty soon. Good issue with a great cliff hanger.



  • I love how this is arc is called Sins of the Star Sapphire and they’ve only been in this arc a few times. Either way I’m still loving the Corps and am still creeped out by Cribb and her weird milking tactics. Hopefully somebody intervines because this is about to get really nasty.


  • Solid Nightwing issue but it’s kinda par for the course with what Tomasi has done with Nightwing. It’s weird, I read Nightwing from the first issue until about the 50’s or 60’s, came back a couple times and dropped it again. But Tomasi has been giving me the best Nightwing I’ve read since Dixon stopped writting it.


  • I like this story arc, mostly for the introspective looks into Superman and Batman through inner monologue. It doesn’t hurt that Rags Morales is drawing it, but I feel a little been there done that. Batman’s got Superman’s powers and it’s driving him insane both mentally and power wise. I didn’t really care for the old school Bane, with all the progress they’ve made with that character in CHECKMATE and now THE SECRET SIX this feels like a antiquated vision of him.


  • As a rule I hate westerns, but I freaking love this book. It’s not the usual romaticized version of the west, it feels realistic and raw. We get some insight into the big bad’s head and I have to say the character is pretty sad because of what he went through just because he enjoyed the arts and culture in a time where to be a man you had to fight. Good issue, so close to being pick of the week.


  • Nothing too spectacular happened in this issue, but it was good to see Denny O’Neil’s name on the issue. He wrote the first Batman comic I really remember, and the art by Guillem March is freaking beautiful.

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