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Charles’ Pick Of The Week: Comics for 12/17/08

This came down to the wire. I thought I had the pick locked between two books and then a third book knocked a front runner off. Really good week of books, but only a few actually “meant” something of sorts. The one I pick might not be a bunch of people’s favorites but it’s taking a character I’ve been reading for along time and changed them in my eyes.


ROBIN #151

ROBIN #181

This was the issue that reminded me of why I’m a fan of the comic format and DC Comics as a whole. DC Comics is about legacy and they do a strange thing for comics, they let characters age and evolve over time. Tim Drake is my Robin, I grew up with him as Robin and reading Dick Grayson as Nightwing. I’ve been reading Robin since the first mini series and while I’ve left the book a few times I’ve always come back. Now the big reveal last issue of who Red Robin was didn’t really resonate with me because I forgot all about Ulysses but the reveal of Anarchy did peak my interest. I never read the Anarchy books but I always remember seeing the ads in my DC books back in the day. This is, what seems to be, the 2nd big crescendo to this storyline. Batman’s gone and Robin’s all by himself dealing with the huge gang fighting among countless other things. Having to deal with this stress and responsibilty is making Tim cold. More than a few times Tim comes off as Bruce like, it’s a little unnerving, if you know the character at all. Tim Drake has to have had it the worst he’s lost his dad to Captain Boomerang, his best friend (SUPERBOY) dies, his other best friend (IMPULSE) dies, a ex girlfriend he thought dead is back and betrayed him on orders from Batman. The kid has got it rough. Over time I’ve always said that in my mind Dick will always be Nightwing and that Tim Drake would be Batman, with this issue I’d be fine if he just goes with RED ROBIN because it fits his new attitude. God I love comics.


P.O.W Runner Up



Now this is more like it. After the really mundane and totally uninteresting X-MEN:NOIR, we get Spider-Man:Noir. I took some flack from a reader who seemed to really dig X-Men for some reason and that’s okay it was a good concept messed up to me. Well with Spider-Man:Noir I’ve found what I was looking for. This takes the usual Noir set up and takes the characters and makes them familiar but slightly different. I loved the revelation at the end, because it’s different in a good way. I loved the violence and the art did wonders for it. Now while I didn’t like the art of in X-Men:Noir because character looked strangely, this art fit and it was impossible to not know who characters were. Man this one came out of nowhere for me, I thought Supergirl was a lock for runner up. If Robin hadn’t come out this would have been P.O.W.




  • Just found out this book is weekly until it’s finished. Man all I’m gonna be saying towards the end is this is awesome, yep. Well I am kinda already over the “returns” of Ma Gunnci it’s already beginning to urk me, hopefully next issue we’ll finally get over this need to keep having her “revealed”


  • Easily my favorite X-Men book. This one was pretty much just a sit down between Xavier and Juggernaut and it was awesome. I have to admit I prefer Juggernaut as a reformed hero, like in Excalibur or my old favorite THE ALL NEW EXILES(man I loved that book before he left). Other than that we get a really cool scene of Xavier being a bad ass.


  • I’m just going to say it, I hate the X-Men in space(usually) and I hate Vulcan(all the time). Well this is a bit of a prelude to WAR OF THE KINGS between Vulcan and Black Bolt. I’m not looking forward to it at all, but I have loved the Marvel Space books since they started doing their own events. So hopefully this one will feature the Guardians of the Galaxy so I have a reason to read it. It was cool to see Havok being like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.


  • I used to love this book, up until the X-Men events started to bleed over. I liked that it was a noir style book with some old favorite of mine. It’s since gotten away from the X events but I still don’t enjoy it anymore. I don’t know if it because the art’s been pretty lackluster since the series regular artist took off but something’s missing. I’m hoping that they’ll get a good artist to take over but I’m not holding my breath.


  • By now I must sound like a broken record: “New Krypton is awesome”. Well it is. This was the P.O.W runner up until I read Spider-Man:Noir. This issue deals with the death of Supergirl’s dad and how the stakes have once again been raised. I loved the fact that Kara’s mom is so bull headed and intent on starting a war. It does kind of boggle my mind that someone could come to another planet and refuse to play by the rules of that world, but it makes for a good story. The mystery of who SUPERWOMAN is will likely be a big thing going forward and I’m excited to find out who it is and how she relates to the whole SUPERMAN mythos.


  • I’m noticing a pattern with Matt Fraction on this book, the X-Men really don’t do anything. It feels like they’ve just been sitting around arguing for the last three issues. It doesn’t always make for the most interesting X-Men story but it is different. I also wish we could scale down the amount of characters because it feels like this should be called X-MEN:Family because they try to include so many characters, that’s why there are other X books out there. You can’t go wrong with Dodson art. I do have a question because I’m confused about White Queen and Dark Reign. After reading Dark Reign #1 I guess the meeting she had with Osborn was in her head, but then she seems to be talking about it like it hasn’t happened yet. That storyline will be continued throughout Dark Reign and the upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL but I’d have liked it to be alittle clearer. I did enjoy her finally questioning Scott on the dealings of X-FORCE. I don’t like the X-FORCE book but I coulda sworn Angel was back to the Archangel wings but I wouldn’t really know. Beast’s excursions are starting to get stranger and stranger all the time, I just hope this new search for a cure to the “No more Mutants” is more interesting than the back up story throughout the Messiah Complex event.


  • I’ve really enjoyed this mini, but it kinda ended flatly. The fight at the end was really quick and kinda anti-climatic. I did like Terra hanging out with Powergirl, which was actually funny. I wish Amanda Conner was doing more work, but I’ll take what I can get.


  • This book really should end, I’ve been holding on because I liked the first few arcs but it’s just not a very good book. I really don’t like the art and am a little worried about how well I’m going to like the art for the new Nick Fury book because the artist from the beginning of the book is going to be on it. The new guy who’s been doing art since the World War Hulk stuff is not my cup of tea at all. This book is filled with D Listers and it’s beginning to reek of it.


  • Why are these two fighting? I couldn’t tell ya. This issue was pretty dumb, I was kinda digging the idea of Batgirl taking over and starting her own Outsiders team but they halt that to have NIGHTWING and her fight…good idea. I don’t think the art on this book will ever do it for me, I miss the artist from the beginning of the series. Totally forgettable.


  • This is just a preview book of a few new books coming out of Dark Reign. After reading it I only plan on keeping up with two maybe three. For sure I’m aboard the Nick Fury:Howling Commandos book. I knew I was going to read it once they had Nick Fury standing in front of Steve Rogers grave. Then we have the Clint Barton(Hawkeye/Ronin) and Mockingbird book. Now while I’ll never like Mockingbird as much as Black Canary I’m going to read it because I love Hawkeye/Ronin. The one I’m not sure about is the Agents of Atlas book. The sneak peek was interesting but I don’t know how long I can dig those characters because they look so antiquated that I’m not sure I’ll relate to them. Now the other books featured, War Machine and SKC, I have no desire in what so ever. The War Machine art actually looks worse than the Portacio art on the IRON MAN reboot book out of Onslaught. The Skrull Kill Crew are just not my cup of tea, I just want to forget the Skrulls ever existed.


  • I really liked this issue, not because of the Janet Pym stuff because I never liked the Wasp. I always thought she was a waste of a Avengers Roster slot. I really liked it because of Hank Pym reading Tony Stark the riot act. Him blaming him for Cap’s and Janets death was awesome. Now I can like Tony again because he’s finally getting what he deserves for turning on his friends.


  • I’m loving Jason Aaron on this book, he’s made me like Ghost Rider again. The art is great and the dialogue is actually funny. Such a good read.


  • And with this I’m back. Now I can root for a former favorite of mine, Iron Man. I really like the idea that he has the database of every heroes identity in his head to keep it away from Norman Osborn and the fact that he’s now a wanted man. I’ve come to enjoy Scott Larocca’s new art style but when he gives the characters the face of actors and actresses it takes me out of the book. I don’t like Nicole Kidman so when I see Pepper Pots looking like her it makes me picture Nicole Kidman playing her part and I kinda cringe, the same goes for Maria Hill when she looks like Jessica Alba I start to view it as a movie and she’s not the best actress. It does feel good to be back home.


2 responses

  1. frank

    “because character looked strangely”

    Is that even english?

    12/22/2008 at 4:20 am

  2. charlesscales

    You can’t even make a typo now a days. How about “Because some characters looked strangely”? Is that okay…lol

    12/23/2008 at 4:23 pm

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