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Heroes season 3-Volume one:Villains wrap up review*SPOILERS*



Back in October I reviewed the first seven episodes of Season 3- Volume 1: Villains and didn’t really care for it. Volume 1 ended a couple weeks back and I wanted to let it breathe in my mind before I reviewed it. Well with the time passing, and honestly not much else to review, I’ve decided to finish up my Volume 1 review. Villains fell flat for me on a bunch of occasions, be it Nathan switching sides like they were pants or the totally pointless venture in trying to make the audience “root” for Sylar because of a new direction. While I enjoyed a few sparse scenes and character moments, overall it was a pointless filler volume. Outside of Hiro’s story the other stories didn’t really matter at the end because everything was pretty much taken back to where we’ve been before. Sylar is “dead”, Claire loves her dad again, Peter and Nathan are doing some kind of stupid dance that only they seem to be interested in, Mr.Petrelli is “dead again”, Hiro’s still squinting and nerdy.  That being said there were a few changes, Hiro’s sidekick gets his own “power amping” power, and a few of the no name powered cronies bit the dust. I kept wondering why Peter didn’t just say, “Dude I went to the future and you jacked up everything, Nathan. So stop being a idiot and stop thinking you know what’s best for everyone and actually think out your plans.” I mean Nathan is supposed to be this pretty smart guy, but he is by far the dumbest person on the show. None of his ideas seem like good ones to anybody that actually thinks about it. The next volume seems to be lifted straight out of an X-MEN comic. Nathan rats out all the powered people to the government, but seems to exclude himself in the upcoming witchhunt. This has, more or less, already been beaten into the ground in Marvel Comics. I don’t care about them rounding up the powered people because, surprise surprise, they’re going to win out in the end. It’s Days of Future past and every other X-MEN/Government story ever. So with that I think that when it comes back I’m going to save my time by not watching it anymore. I’ll still probably read about it just to keep up to date with whats going on, which is a time honored comic book nerd tradition on a book you ‘drop’ from your pull list.

CHARLES’ GRADE: D (Episodes 8-13)




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