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  • I missed this book. Now it wasn’t actually gone, but it’s not been itself for most of the year. New Avengers is my favorite team in the Marvel Universe and it’s been a book I’ve been dreading reading with all the flashbacks to shine new light on the Secret Invasion. With that “run in the park” out of the way we can get back to what makes this team great, dynamic. This book, or issue in particular out shined the other books on a rather weak week. The ending, which I won’t spoil here, actually got a reaction out of me. I haven’t had a reaction to a Marvel Comics issue since Cap died, essentially I’ve been on auto pilot until we got away from all these big crossover events. We’re still in the middle of one, but this actually feels like a change and not just a 8 issue headache.


Daredevil #114

  • I’ve always loved Daredevil, even after the Affleck movie. Marvel Comics tries to portray Spider-Man as the saddest sack in Marvel, but it’s always been Daredevil. The guy can’t catch a break. It seemed he couldn’t catch a break from his own writer, Ed Brubaker, either… until the beginning of the LADY BULLSEYE storyline. A storyline who’s initial idea, Marvel’s current womanizing of their villains, I coulda cared less about. Throw in some Iron Fist, old asian master, The Hand, and some Black Tarantula and I’m down. This issue deals with the fallout of Matt’s insane wife being taken away from him, thank god. It almost seems like that plot point happened because people were droning on and on about how much she sucked and dragged down the book. With her gone it felt like a heavy downpour had lifted, although this book is still the heaviest book Marvel puts out that isn’t an ICON book or written by Warren Ellis.


  • Um, okay. RIP fits into Final Crisis, but I still don’t really know what the hell is going on. The whole thing with Bats being inside of some clayface looking guy who’s transfering Batman’s “data” to drones was really weird. I usually really like Grant Morrison for his high concept books, but this is getting harder and harder to swallow. Here’s hoping the rest of Final Crisis will make total sense and not be a oddly crafted jumble. At least it’s more enjoyable than Secret Invasion was, to me.

  • This is the 2nd time they’ve ended the Wally West as Flash book. Although the last time it ended that issue was bad, this ending issue is worse. What have they done to you Wally? You were the Flash I grew up with, your my guy but they’ve made you suck for a long time now. When Wally’s Flash numbering came back I was excited because it was going to be awesome, but then the issues came out. Since Johns left the Flash books have been dead in the water. I’m really excited for FLASH: REBIRTH but I hate that it seems to be at the expense of Wally West.
  • This issue was a bit of a let down after the end of the last issue. Nova spends the entire issue talking to Justice and Firestar. Now don’t get me wrong I freaking went crazy for the New Warriors back in the day. I still miss the old book to this day. I’ve read alot of those books, when Scarlett Spider joined(a personal favorite of my youth) and all the random failed reboots. I couldn’t have been happier when Firestar and Justice fulfilled their destiny and became AVENGERS but then they kinda fell off the map. Justice went over to the Iniative until he found out they were doing shady stuff with clones and Firestar gave up the hero life. I love those characters but that makes for a pretty boring issue where Nova just tells his friends about all the cool stuff he’s done when they’ve done pretty much nothing. One sided group interaction doesn’t make for thrilling reading. Still love this series and can’t wait until they start killing these Nova Corps off in the next big space story.

  • Four dollars for about 8 pages of new material? No bueno. I laughed because I own one of the issues they include in this. Just not cool, th0se new pages coulda taken the spot of that good awful looking War Machine section in the DARK REIGN promo book that came out awhile back. Lame Marvel, real lame.
  • And with this book I’m done with the Ultimate Universe. While reading this wasn’t as painful as reading Loeb’s last ULTIMATES story, it just reminded me that I could give a crap about the Ultimate Universe. I have every issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, a ton of Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men. I just can’t say that I cared about those books in a very long time. I also don’t enjoy David Finch’s art at all. A while back I thought I did, but reading this showed me I don’t. His detailed but messy style is kinda off putting. The book is keeping with the anything can happen motto, but I don’t care. You just finished dragging me along with Secret Invasion in the proper Marvel Universe, so why would I care what your doing in a universe that at the end of the day doesn’t matter.
  • I was along for the ride up until the end of this issue. I laughed a couple times, but that ending just took me out of the story completely.
  • I liked the way this mini began, but this issue kinda dragged. While I love the current art in SUPERGIRL, I wish Phil Noto was drawing the book. His Superman isn’t my favorite, but his Supergirl is great. I remember a time when the Female Furies would show up in Soverign Seven or Superboy and I’d be excited, now I don’t care.
  • Last story arc really got me into Wolverine Origins, but with this branching story arc I’m off. I laughed at the end of the issue because it felt like I was watching a episode from this season of Heroes. Just so you know, that’s not good. Daken is this books Sylar, I freaking hate him so much.

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