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Pick Of The Week: Comics for 12-31-08


I hadn’t even noticed that this overall arc with Kingdom Come Superman had taken about a year. The book admittedly slowed down at parts, but I never lost the drive to read it every month. I’ll go on record and say that KINGDOM COME is one of my favorite comic stories ever, and the idea of it being brought up again kinda worried me. Thankfully Geoff Johns handled it prefectly. The end of this issue pretty much made it the pick of the week with us getting to see Superman’s life after the last page of the KINGDOM COME story. I smiled when I saw old Superman looking up at the LEGION.


I love this book and it’s been my favorite DC book for a long time now, but I was starting to get the feeling we were never going to get anywhere. This issue got me back on board all the way. The introduction of the Blue Lantern was great and the ways Johns showed just how powerful Hope is, was great. I did kinda go ‘hunh’ when they said that HAL is supposed to lead the Blue Lanterns, that just doesn’t really fit his overall character, to me. I also liked that Fatality is a Star Shappire, but can only wonder why she’s after Stewart. This issue set up perfectly my newly envigorated excitement on the direction of this book.


I don’t know if I’m going to continue with this book after they get where they’re going. I stopped caring about the Hardball/Komono stuff early on, I freaking hate Tigress now, and it’s filled with Z LIST characters I’ve either never liked or haven’t liked for years. The reveal of Mutant X being Typhoid Mary was kinda stupid, but I have to admit I’m interested on how the hell they’re gonna explain this one.

I really liked the last issue, but this one kinda struck me as odd. By the time I was reading comics Dick Grayson had already become Nightwing and had proven himself time and time again as a hero. So this protrayal of him as being unsure and uncertain kinda confused me. When they had Tim Drake do that it made sense because he’s younger and hasn’t been doing it as long as Dick. I still love the art, it’s great and I wish he was drawing more DC books. I don’t really understand why the former beautiful actress was even in this story because she didn’t do anything. She just stood there and did nothing.

I hate to say it but this book is starting to suffer from the same thing that Green Lantern suffered from awhile back, it’s not really going anywhere. I know we get some “big” revelation that some shady group wants to do something with the Original Human Torch’s body, but I don’t really care. As far as the Invaders are concerned I only liked Namor, Cap, and Bucky. Toro and The Human Torch never did it for me. So with The Human Torch seemingly setting up to be a big part of the upcoming story I don’t know if I’m going to be really that interested.

fantastic-four-562-001Yeah this issue coulda been skipped. I did like the scene between Dr. Doom and Reed but the overall issue really didn’t serve a purpose. It just contained the funeral for the Invisible Woman from the future and Doom saying that his mentor, who we’ve never heard mentioned ever before, is coming. With this book seeming to take forever to come out, couldn’t we have skipped this issue and spent more time setting up the next story?

I really love this book, but this issue kinda left me flat. It was just more set up for the next story, which I don’t mind usually in this book. I love everyone in the cast but usually I don’t care for their villains, and with Blastarr showing up again I’m back to that side of the fence again. I also am kinda tired of this whole hard on Adam Warlock has for this space religion…and the weird race that makes machines out of dead people is boring. Here’s hoping we can get some really interesting villains on this book so I can love it fully again.

I’m a old school Milestone comics fan, but I didn’t read Shadow Cabinet so I recognize some of these “new” characters but not all of them. That being said I really enjoyed the stuff between ICON and SUPERMAN. Dwayne McDuffie did a really good job of letting us get the feeling for these characters personality in quick glimpses. I just wish this issue woulda solved more questions instead of creating a ton more. I’ll be interested to see how Superman knows ICON, since I assumed that Milestone/DC crossover was taken out of continuity. Hey where the hell is Blood Syndicate?

I’m glad we’re done with the let’s float in the air and argue part of this story now, it felt like that was going on forever. I’m starting to get tired of the go to move for Supergirl being, the ‘I’m so torn’ now I punch a good guy thing…it’s getting old. I’ve raved about this storyline for awhile now, but I think since it’s not really changed since the beginning it’s starting to spin it’s wheels. Here’s hoping we get this train moving soon. Loved the last page with allt he magic beings getting ready to wreck some kryptonian douche bags.

I always love the issues where they make the new team, but this one actually is a issue where most of the team bolts. I hope Misfit stays around cause I loved her in Birds of Prey. Robin leaving kinda takes the heart out of this book for me, since they killed the other two original members of YOUNG JUSTICE. Wonder Girl leading the new team will be interesting enough to keep me coming back.

The art is great, and the ingenious use of Mysterio was great. My only problem is that like Millar’s other book, the story seems to have stopped and with this book also seeming to take forever to come out I just don’t get into it as much. I read so many books that when this comes out I usually don’t care anymore. Still it’s been a slow, but fun read so far.

I’ve enjoyed Young X-Men on some level, but I can’t explain it. The first arc was interesting but not really anything special, but I have soft spot for young mutants ever since GENERATION X. This issue ended the arc with the mutant tattoo artist. We found out INK wasn’t a mutant and that the tattoo artist gave a bunch of super powered tattoo to gang members and there ya go. I don’t know how I feel about INK having a Phoenix tattoo over his eye and the subsequent powers with it, but whatever. It’s a decent book that doesn’t really strive to be anything other than average.


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