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WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN episodes 1-13 review

I still remember the day I watched the THE PRYDE OF THE X-MEN when I was a kid and it blowing my mind that they could take a comic I loved and put it on screen. It was for all intents and purposes the start of a pact I’ve held with comic book related cartoons since. If you make it, I will watch it. Now that pact has had it’s lows (SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED) and it’s highs (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED) but I usually gut it out no matter what. Well that pretty much explains the relationship I’m having with WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN.

I’ve had many conversations with Joe about how bad this show is and how I, for some odd sense of loyalty, continue to watch it. I think Joe and I are in the same boat as far as our enjoyment of the show. I knew the writting was on the wall when I didn’t even like a episode heavily featuring my favorite X-MAN, GAMBIT. Even in the bad times of the 90’s X-MEN cartoon I stood stalwart knowing it would get better, but Wolverine and The X-Men has shown me no such turn around in the future. The main problems I have with the show are mostly the stories they’re telling and how they’re going about it. The only episode I enjoyed, except the Mystique stuff, was the episode where Nightcrawler is captured by Magneto and friends…but we’ve never really gotten back to it. The show does have some cool easter egg type moments, but that doesn’t make the show good. It seems that in this universe the X-MEN have only fought Magneto and his kids, because they don’t know alot of mutants which struck me as odd. Wolverine and company don’t know Sabertooth, Mystique, Mojo, Spiral, and a bunch of other classic foils to the X-Men mythos. I’ve joked many times that this universes X-Men spent all their time playing Claremont style baseball games. Recently they recognized Juggernaut and Sinister, which was good but it makes the fact that they don’t know mutants that are always teamed with Magneto kinda odd.

Besides the strange stories they’re telling, the weirdest thing about the show is that they decided to take out Charles Xavier in the first episode…and have him speak/guide Wolverine with telepathy through the future. Yes the future. It’s such a crazy idea, even for X-Men. Now the X-Men always seemed to be the only Marvel property that hops throughout the future like it’s a play thing, but that’s a little much. I didn’t go into the show expecting it to wow me, I just wanted to be able to enjoy it for something other than the easter eggs. With the season wrapping up soon, maybe we’ll get a better product when or if it comes back. I made it through the Chuck Austen years of Uncanny X-Men, I think I can make it through a bad tv show I don’t have to pay for.


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