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Charles’ Pick Of The Week: Comics for 1/7/09


This series has yet to let me down. I still find it hard to believe that I’m reading, and enjoying, a book about some pretty screwed up individuals. I’m also surprised that I’m enjoying this book because Gail Simone’s stuff on Wonder Woman is pretty bland and boring, for me. I’m getting the feeling that she’s nervous writting such a huge character, in Wonder Woman, and she can just let her darker more interesting ideas shine in Secret Six. This issue picks up right after last issues stand off between a poisoned Six(thanks alot Chesire) and a room full of villains looking for reward money. The fact that this issue starts off with the power postition totally changed from last issue keeps Gail from having to be burdened by fixing the situation in the pages of the book and keeps it from having to slow down to a halt. Bane is still in the clutches of Junior and the torture Junior comes up with is both parts funny and kinda unnerving. I loved the stuff with Scandal trying to convince her “team” of mercenaries to care for a captured comrade really funny and interesting. Good stuff all around, here’s hoping the rumor I heard that this is a limited series isn’t true.


I really like HUSH as a character and in the hands of Paul Dini he’s shining. This issue takes place right after the end of Dini’s HUSH centered R.I.P story. Hush has been stripped of both his pride and his money by both Batman and Catwoman. Not being able to deal with the fact that he’s failed to kill his one time friend, now arch nemesis Bruce Wayne, and being rendered poor by Bruce’s true love he decides to end it all. Hush jumps into the icy water of Gotham to end it, but he’s saved by some passing by fishermen. While he’s saved he realizes that while his plan to change his face and take Bruce Wayne’s place wouldn’t have worked because Bruce’s closest friends would know something wasn’t right, he can easily fool the general public. With Bruce being gone, Hush takes his spot and proceeds to milk funds from Wayne Enterprises and the outter reaches of the company. He kills a socialite he seduces and takes her boat and sells it in the carribean. I loved the fact that Dini took the time to show just how determined and evil Hush is, he’s spent most of his adult life wanting to destroy Bruce Wayne/Batman and in the process became the criminal worlds Batman.

rest of the stack

I’ve always been a Buffy fan. When I was a kid I rented BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER so much that I memorized the dialogue. When the TV show came out it was the greatest thing on, to me. Then they went to college and I started to kinda not like it, but I stayed on as long as I could. The move to UPN was where I stopped and lost interest. When the comic was announced I was excited and dived right back in, and while I don’t really like the way the Buffyverse world has gone lately I’ve enjoyed the books, but this one was awful. Maybe I disliked it so much because I think THE HILLS and all the spin offs to be a total waste of space and with this issue being pretty much a full issue of making fun of The Hills, I didn’t care. I also always hated the Harmony character more than anybody on the show, even the jerk off Principal they brought in.

While I may not be totally on board with 95% of Joe Quesada’s choices for Marvel Comics, I can say I’m not hating Spider-Man so much. I cringed through the over hyped “New Ways To Die” storyline, but have found this arc to be pretty good. It’s not great by any stretch of the imagination. I stil feel that some of the glossing over certain facts and responses to be a bit hack like but it’s been enjoyable. The scene with Harry and Peter sitting on the curb talking was great, eventhough it felt a little forced. But forced is a word I’d add to most of the last years Spider-Man stories.

When I first encountered Black Lightning I didn’t like him. He was just the usual angry black man that comis always featured. Over the years I’ve felt like he’s actually a interesting character and deserving of some spotlight. I’ve been loving the year one stories DC has been doing lately, with Green Arrow being my favorite behind BATMAN. This story gives us a chance to see what made Black Lightning angry and I’m in it for the long haul.

I couldn’t tell you why I’m reading this book. I jumped back on with the X-Men showing up and I can’t say I’m really that interested in where this is going. The little girl is really creepy looking with her looking exactly like Cable’s dead wife. I’ve heard that X-FORCE is going to go into the future and mess stuff up, but I don’t know if I’m going to be along for the ride. I am interested in who Bishop was talking to though, so maybe I will stick around for a few more issues.

When I saw Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins were the creative team on this book I was stoked. Those two guys blew my mind on their Flash run. Well this is something completely different. This is a one shot featuring Solomon Grundy and while I really like Solomon Grundy this made no sense. Overall Solomon Grundy’s history is about as confusing as Hawkman’s. He’s been through so many changes that it gets a tad bit weird and this is no exception. Now while Geoff Johns made Hawkman’s origin make more sense(until Jim Starlin decided to screw it up again) he struck out for me on Solomon Grundy. The stuff with Grundy’s past was great and it showed how disgusting a person he was, but the stuff towards the end made me scratch my head. It also looks like Grundy is going to be starring in his own mini series soon. I laughed out loud about this because it felt like Johns decided to write something so that he wouldn’t have to feature Grundy as a Black Lantern in his upcoming event, which now that I think about it woulda been awesome. I want Grundy as a Black Lantern…

I liked the last issue, but can we get this baby moving some? I know that Tony gave Pepper Pots Stark Industries and he’s begun the process of rendering himself a vegetable to appease for having the dumb idea of putting everybody’s secret identity on file…but if this doesn’t get rolling soon I might jump back off. I still don’t like Larocca’s face choices for Maria Hill and Pepper Pots, and I find myself spending alot of time trying to figure out who he’s using for Tony (to date I keep think Vigo Mortinson at certain angles). Also some of the art looked really sloppy with faces looking like a jumbled mess. At first I was excited but we all know Tony’s not going to totally wipe his brain.

I’ve really enjoyed this book, so far, but this issue was kind of a let down. The last page of last month’s issue had me all excited, but Static only shows up for about 5 pages. This issue felt like it was just padding to get to the next issue. Pretty big disappointment.


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