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While I can’t say I was thrilled with all the decisions at Marvel in 2008 I can say that there was one thing Marvel put out that had me feeling like the good old days. That thing was Spectacular Spider-Man. It was a show that did it’s own thing and kept the spirit of the comics in mind. Now it wasn’t all good times, everytime Green Goblin and Tombstone showed up I hated it, but it was more good than bad. I even got Joe to actually listen to me and he started watching it, no small feat indeed because Joe never listens (I’ll be looking forward to your texts during the new Smallville episode this Thursday…lol). So at the end of the 1st season Spectacular Spider-Man kinda blew it’s “load”. They had Venom show up for a two episode arc that left Peter feeling drained and gal pal Gwen Stacy confessing her love.  The 2nd season opener takes place right after that. Schools back in from Thanksgiving break and Peter and Gwen still haven’t talked about the kiss. Well Peter hasn’t talked to Gwen, but Gwen dishes to Mary Jane. All that soap opera stuff aside, we have to have a villain show up.

So Mysterio blasts onto the scene, pretending to be a sorcerer who can make people pass out and other such feats. I really like Mysterio, he’s always been a semi favorite of mine. Seeing him animated is always good but there’s some problems. As a fan I know all about Mysterio so the drawn out mystic stuff got annoyning after awhile, something about the constant magic speak grated on my nerves a bit. Also Mysterio is a odd villain in that once you know he’s faking he’s not so threathening anymore, he’s kind of a really annoyning clown. That being said it was still good to see Spidey and him duke it out. Except the part when Spidey thought he was in a kung fu movie, that I coulda done without.

The end showed how much this show “gets” Peter Parkers life. Just when he’s excited about getting a freelance contract with the Daily Bugle, Norman Osborn calls and tells him that he’s back on at Conners lab. The way they pile on the stress to Peter is classic Spider-Man. I have to say I don’t know if I’m going to be able to be cool about the constant need to have them introduce a new big bad over the phone to an accomplice. But as long as it’s a better reveal than the bait and switch they had with Tombstone being the “BIG MAN” then I’m fine. Oh and the appearance of The Tinkerer was great, being that he was one of the first villains Spidey faced (back in the 2nd issue of Amazing Spidey all those years ago) and him being linked with Mysterio, also like in the comics. Good classic Spider-Man, keep it coming.


Stan The Man Lee...Nuff Said

Stan "The Man" Lee...Nuff Said

This show really knows its history. The Tinkerer and Mysterio teamed up again

This show really knows it's history. The Tinkerer and Mysterio teamed up again


3 responses

  1. refo

    ok,but the beauty got to go and that hair too

    08/02/2009 at 7:33 am

  2. refo

    the mysterio in specteculer spider man was lame

    08/02/2009 at 7:35 am

  3. I love Mysterio, but it wasn’t so much his latin “spells” that irritated me as one other thing: for the umpteenth time the creators decided that Mysterio should be voiced like an over-the-top ham actor. This has been done again and again (perhaps at its worst in the PS1 game), and just because Mystie is a movie-themed villain doesn’t mean he should always talk in a thespian rant.

    But anyway, it was a fun episode (that will be on DVD next week). Thanks for posting the pics!

    11/11/2009 at 2:02 am

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