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Charles’ “HULK VS.” Rapid Fire Review

So I watched both the ‘Hulk Vs.’ movies this morning and have to say I wasn’t too impressed by either. While the Wolverine is the better of the two it’s still pretty average. I hate to say it again, but Marvel’s animated movies have either sucked or been average for years. Out of all the movies they’ve made I’ve only really liked one. So How would I fair going into this one hoping to finally get one I could rave about?

the curse of the random elongating Wolverine mask strikes again

the curse of the random elongating Wolverine mask strikes again

With the Wolverine movie I kept wondering why characters were acting in odd ways. By that I mean, Sabertooth and the rest of Weapon X know they can’t kill Wolverine for good but they keep using it as a threat. I mean they know this guys just survived fighting the Hulk and they still put on some kind of nonsensical bravado about their prowess. The movie was bloodier than I expected, but not insanely so. I found it hard to be anything other than a detached audience during most of the movie, because I forgot how many of Wolverine’s main bad guys have healing factors. I thought to myself, if one more person gets a limb chopped off and just puts it back on like nothing happened I’m going to scream. Also the odd sounds Lady Deathstrike made when she first stabs Wolverine were really creepy, it was as if she was getting off on it. Deadpool was the best part of the movie, but with him being known as “The Merc with a mouth” he didn’t talk nearly as much as I’m used to. Omega Red could have just not been in the movie for the amount of time he was off screen during fights. Just overall it was a “Meh” for me. I know the next time I see Joe he’s going to say I’m over critical but I just wanted a good fight Wolverine vs. The Hulk, but it wasn’t even remotely exciting. The fight between The Hulk and Wolvie in ‘Wolverine and The X-Men’ was better, and that one wasn’t very good. I love my Wolverine as a bad ass killing machine, but adding blood doesn’t make a good or even entertaining Wolverine story.

To even go into the Thor movie is painful, because it’s so bad. Now the odd thing is, I didn’t mind the “Thor Speak”. Considering they kept the “Ye’s” and “Thou’s” to a minimum. I’ve read quite a few Thor vs. Hulk stories and I’ve never seen him get the crap kicked out of him like that. I “loved” how Thor literally only gets in about three licks in during the first part of the fight and during the second fight he doesn’t even get a hand on The Hulk. Wow. Overall this DVD was a disappointment on every scale for me. I’d rather watch Ultimate Avengers 2, Invincible Iron Man, Next Avengers, or Dr. Strange and all those movies sucked.

Charles’ Rapid Fire Grade: D-(Hulk vs. Thor) and C-(Hulk vs. Wolverine)

Pros:  The dialogue matched the mouth movement, The movies were fully colored, they had music

Cons: The movies


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