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Charles’ Pick Of The Week: Comics for 1/14/09


New Krypton has been really good, so with the end of this arc I expected it to be good. Even with my expectations being high going in it didn’t disappoint. Would I change some things about New Krypton as a whole? Yes, but it’s been a great ride for these 10+ issues. The Superman creative teams have done something else, they’ve effectively changed Superman’s world in a way we haven’t seen before. The future looks bright for the Superman books in the coming future, here’s hoping they don’t screw it up once Geoff Johns leaves.

Pick of the week Runner-Up

I’ve really come to love this book. If Action Comics didn’t have that last page that made my mouth drop this would have been pick of the week. I admit that last issue I started to grow tired of this arc, but the ending to the big mystical story was really great. The scenes between the traitor Captain Midlands and Pete Wisdom were great and effective. I’m even looking forward to seeing where Blade’s story is going to go, considering I’ve never been a huge fan of the character. This book tends to remind me what’s great about Marvel characters.

Rest of the pile

I went into this issue thinking it was a write off issue with all the focus seemingly being on a 7 page back up story featuring Barack Obama, but aside from that awful story it was a really good issue. I can’t totally explain it but for some reason the main story featuring Betty Brant and Peter’s friendship hit me on a bunch of different levels. Reading this I couldn’t help but put myself in the Peter role and put (I hate to say it) Old best friend Vanessa into Betty’s role. While Vanessa and my friendship has kinda fizzled (my non effort to keep it going aside) and reading this and having went to her baby shower last night, it really got to me. If only my reasons for countlessly flaking on her and my other friend Shamara were because I had Super Powers and had a responsiblity, then I wouldn’t feel like such a ass. Maybe this issue will teach me to be the kind of  friend,  I somehow convinced myself and to a point them, I thought I was.

I loved Prometheus when Grant Morrison first created him. I still count the issues of JLA he appeared in as some of my favorite issues of all time. The idea that he could kick the JLA’s ass single handed was awesome, but then they kinda forgot about him. That is until this one shot. I loved how they retconned how he’s been showing up and getting beat up by nobody’s, although it was a tad bit unethical on the Martian Manhunters part. Plus only two years has passed since he showed up in DC continuity? Wow, those issues are about 8 years old in real life…a lot of crap has taken place for it only to been two years in continuity. The appearance of some old D-listers was great and to see Prometheus not break a sweat killing and paralyzing them was perfect (R.I.P-Anima, you kinda sucked).Really good, I’m excited to see him get his revenge.

Final Crisis has been a mixed bag of excitement and confusion on my part. I don’t know if it’s me but a lot of the time it feels like stuff is happening off the page, which is odd because for all intents and purposes this is a self contained story for the time being. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think this kind of story should have been told throughout all the books in DC. With the few mini series being really late (where the hell is Superman:3-D #2 and Legion of Three Worlds #3?) it creates a clusterpuck of a story. Now that being said I really enjoy that it’s a challenging and interesting read. Grant Morrison is known for ending strong, but I can’t possibly fathom this story really making any sense at the end. The best example of this event I can give is that it’s like watching a avant garde foreign film with the sound off and the subtitles turned off. It’s enjoyable on some level, but don’t expect it to make any sense.

Green Lantern Corps is a really good book and this was a fairly strong end to a good arc. Now I loved the idea that The Guardians seem to be alienating their Lanterns with this 3rd rule. I’m surprised that DC has decided to go the route of seemingly making the Green Lanterns not look to appealing. I really like the Green Lanterns not being shown as the only option for peace and order in the galaxy. This gives all the different colors (not so much the Red, Yellow, Orange, or Black Lanterns) a chance to be a better option. The stuff hinted at between Kyle Rayner and Sornik Natu was kinda out there, but I’m down to see where it goes.

Well, I can say that Chuck Dixon put in a lot of work to put in a ton of military jargon…but that’s about it. This issue had pretty much nothing of not in it what so ever. Hopefully next issue something interesting will happen.

Another issue down. I hate to bad mouth this mini because it’s a weekly book, but I can’t say anything overally positive about it either.

I usually like when Merlyn shows up because he’s hardcore, but it looks like his appearance was just to have a round about way to introduce some Green Arrow crazy stalker chick.


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