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Charles’ Comic Pick of The Week: Comics for 1/21/09


Things are getting crazy for Hal Jordan and company. With the ramp up to Blackest Night this book has finally started to show some of it’s cards. This issue picks up right after the revelation that the Blue Lanterns want Hal to lead them in the coming war. I liked that Geoff Johns addresses the fact that on the surface Hal Jordan doesn’t seem to fit the Blue Lanterns mold. I’ve always thought of Hal as a just a brash military guy, but when I think about it he does have a ton of hope inside him. I went back and read the beginning of Johns run and you can see that when times get really tough, Hal always has hope and determination that he’ll get through the worst of it. At the end of the issue we get a small Blue/Red/Green/Yellow Lantern toss up. The scenes between Hal and Sinestro were perfect, in that I believe Johns has made the once kinda goofy Sinestro into one of the scariest villains in comics. The device Johns uses of having a bit of the future revealed to us never gets old to me, it just wets the appetite for more.

Pick of the Week Runner Up

I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to read a book with Spider-Man’s worst villain running his own brand of Avengers but it’s very interesting. I’m really not a fan of Marvel Characters looking like actors, but I can excuse it in this book because at least the faces don’t randomly distort(Invincible Iron Man). The reason this got runner up is because this book actually made me feel something, even though it was mostly anger. I’m just excited to see “my” Avengers team the New Avengers kick these guys asses. Brilliantly evil idea to have villains dressed up in Avengers costumes. Even though it is essentially the same idea Busiek came up with for the original Thunderbolts (which I loved), it made me so upset that I knew this book was going to be either P.O.W or runner up.

Rest of the stack

I’m glad Deathstroke is gonna be doing big things in ’09 but this book kinda sucked. It was mostly just Deathstroke sitting in a bed and seeing all the loved ones he’d either killed or wronged. So far the Faces Of Evil one shots are 1 for 3.

Still can’t believe I’ve read almost all of a Ghost Rider storyline. It’s been consistently good writting and art wise. Man it’s starting to feel like the 90’s again, except actually good.

I liked how the Tim Drake I’ve been reading for most of my life is growing up. This seems to be a thing that only DC can do with younger characters. I’m looking for Franklin Richards to finally man up and stop being a little kid, it’s about time. Robin telling Gordon, “It may not have been the way he would have done it, but he’s not here” was great. Very sad next issue will be the last Robin issue.

This just grinded the interest I had in this recent JLA story to a halt. Energy vampires aren’t interesting or cool.

I thought I’d enjoy a story with Namor and White Queen, but not so much. I thought her convincing Namor that she killed Shaw so that Namor would finally help mutant kind, with him being the first mutant and all, interesting. Overall the jumps in time and setting where a little to jarring for my taste.

All this double and triple cross stuff is starting to bore me, but I am still reading it. Oh and was the “death” of Cyber supposed to mean something? I hope not that’s about the 3rd or so time he’s died, he’ll be back next year.

We’re finally gonna end this stupid spider tracer killer,menace, and norman-lily storylines…thank god. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy this “big story” more than the last big one, mostly because we won’t be having any awful Anti-Venom stuff. Just ready to put these uninteresting dangling plot lines to bed. Now to get rid of that weird Freak guy.

I’m more interested in seeing why Superwoman is working with General Lane than who she really is. Mostly because whoever she is isn’t going to really matter at the end of the day because she’s a kandorian.


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  1. Thanks for the recomendation, i will check those. The irongoblin ™ armor is simply rad

    02/04/2009 at 11:26 pm

  2. Thanks for the recomendation, the new ironman/irongoblin armor is pretty

    02/04/2009 at 11:28 pm

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