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FANBOY (OVER)REACTION: Rob Zombie ‘H2’ pic

I didn’t care for Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, mostly because all the characters were obnoxious(but that’s in all of Zombie’s movies) and yelled way too much(once again, all Zombie’s movies). Sometimes when you give too much back story it makes a killer or villain less special and less scary. So that being said I still planned on watching ‘H2’ on dvd, maybe. That was until I checked out FILMSCHOOLREJECTS.COM and saw what I can only describe as a homeless looking Michael Myers.


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  1. Fanboy – seriously – the characters yelled / screamed too much? Obnoxious? Zombie is a genre fan & the result of this is some pretty awesome cinema. Check out the first 2 Texas Chainsaw Massacres, all they do is scream & yell – its all part of the charm & a nod to great 70s-80s horror. Obnoxious, well I think I get where you’re going on that, but at the heart of all good horror are basically pretty self serving obnoxious people who have their worlds freakin rocked, in this case by Michael Myers. Its classic gothic scene setting – ‘I’m cool in my own little universe, nothing can go wrong, people can essentially be trusted’ Wrong! RZ Halloweens are like a benchmark in horror/slasher film making for the 90s / 00s – a genuine move away from the pointless gore and implausibility of the Saw movies, Hostel ya da ya da…

    Its like porn with a story line, lost with the cross over the video and mass production. Horror with a real psychological bent, building to a climax, yes gorey, yes blood splattering, yes skull shattering – but a total throughback to the Tobe Hooper, Tom Savini days, where the horror was freakin awesome but always secondary to the story & the gradual creation of fear & anticipation, blowing your mind at the finale. Viva La Zombie. xxW

    02/25/2010 at 10:28 pm

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