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Sony screws European 360 and Wii Owners who want Ghostbusters

according to an article I read from DESTRUCTOID.COM Sony is going to make Ghostbusters:The Video Game a PS3 exclusive in Europe. I own a PS3 and a XBOX 360, I also plan on buying a Wii just for Ghostbusters. If this were happening here I’d be pretty pissed because I really want Ghostbusters on BLU-RAY but really, really don’t wanna HAVE to play the game on PS3. Even though Joe finally got a PS3,  he hardly ever uses it  (just like me). We’re always on our 360’s so it’ll be easier to to play multiplayer or co-op(don’t know if it’s actually in the game but you know) with a system we can easily make a party system. Sorry European countries that love Ghostbusters and don’t enjoy the PS3, your kinda boned.

I think it’s only right: USA, USA, USA, USA, USA.


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