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FANBOY (OVER)REACTION: Rob Zombie ‘H2’ pic

I didn’t care for Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, mostly because all the characters were obnoxious(but that’s in all of Zombie’s movies) and yelled way too much(once again, all Zombie’s movies). Sometimes when you give too much back story it makes a killer or villain less special and less scary. So that being said I still planned on watching ‘H2’ on dvd, maybe. That was until I checked out FILMSCHOOLREJECTS.COM and saw what I can only describe as a homeless looking Michael Myers.


I’ve been on an extended vacation but I’m back. So what better way return than with, she’s so hot it’s kinda creepy, Megan Fox?

Batman:The Brave and The Bold ‘DAY OF THE DARK KNIGHT’



I feel like a broken record, but my enjoyment of team up shows (comics) depends on who’s involved. With The Brave and The Bold it really matters because of the super kiddy feel of the show. Well this episode was a double check for me. The cold open team up featured Guy Gardner, my favorite jerk off Lantern. I have to admit my first reaction was, why the hell is Batman on Oa and why the hell would the Guardians ask an outsider to help keep their Lantern in check?  With that odd bit out of the way I settled in and enjoyed seeing Kilowog and a bunch of other Lanterns (Good old Salaak) show up.

This little opening dealt with Gardner’s attitude getting him into trouble when he tosses a cup of coffee on a small alien that turns larger when in contact with liquid. Of Course Batman saves the day and makes Gardner clean up the mess. Now we get to the main story, with Batman and Green Arrow stopping a jail break out. Much like the opening story to the first episode, Green Arrow and Batman are super competitive over everything. All that stops when a certain long bearded man casts a spell and Batman and Green Arrow are taken to the King Arthur’s time. The bearded man of course reveals himself to be Merlin and tells Batman he’s supposed to take the sword from the stone and stop Morgan Le Fey and Etrigan. Green Arrow gets upset that everybody thinks Batman’s so great and they argue.

It was cool to see Etrigan, who no matter what show he shows up in looks exactly the same. Actually that character has not changed in look since the day he first showed up. I’m a sucker for King Arthur stories and all those characters so I just enjoyed this episode from start to finish. The competitive stuff with Batman and Green Arrow did start to grate on my nerves a bit towards the end but it was supposed to, being that Merlin got sick of it and sent them back to the present once the fight was done. The message I got  from this episode was that working together is best and being overally competitive isn’t good, although of course Bats and Green Arrow get right back into it at the end.




What I watched this week:Charles

Another week has passed and while I’ve been oddly busy(sorry Alex hopefully I’ll get a chance to call you back, I’m swamped) I still managed to watch some stuff while shrugging off sleep.


PLOT SUMMARY: It has been many years since a group of humans retreated to an artificial colony above the planet surface. The colorful world that used to exist was ruined by human foolishness, making it uninhabitable. Much of recorded history before the move has been forgotten, despite the numerous advances in technology. The last remaining information lies in a vast archive of data, much of it in corrupted formats. Determined to recover this precious information, the “Archive Excavation Department” works specifically to restore as much of it as possible. Long ago, the Department used to be excited and full of energy. Now, people know that knowledge of the lost past can bring only sadness.

Ura, a particularly motivated member of the department, works long hours to recover history. Riko has lost her passion and desire to know. Then one day, Ura comes upon a record that once decoded, completely changes the way he sees his world.


  • Oh boy…I watched this because it was just a 20 minute OAV and at the end I was sorry I made the effort. I’m starting to think that since I watched 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND and loved it so much I’ve thrown my anime karma off. Every new anime I’ve picked since that I’ve freaking hated. This was soooo boring and ultimateLy it makes absolutely no sense. Wow…just awful.


PLOT SUMMARY: My Name is Bruce is the heroic struggle of a small mining town (Gold Lick, Oregon) to rid itself of a vengeful monster. Guan-di (Jamie Peck), the Chinese god of war and protector of the dead, has been unleashed by cemetery desecrating teenagers to protect the graves of Chinese miners lost in a deadly cave-in of yesteryear. Against his better judgment (and the angry citizens of Gold Lick), Bruce looks defeat Guan-Di, save Jeff, and snag his hot mother. In the climactic, mano-a-monster, Bruce tries to rise above the miserable, off-screen schmuck that he is and become a hero in real life.

  • Everyday I’m reminded that sometimes you can’t go home again. I still love Army of Darkness, more so than the first two evil deads but I’m not a fan of the cheesy Bruce Campbell stuff anymore. I love him on Burn Notice and never want him to leave that show, but when he goes to the well again and does the comedic it doesn’t do anything for me. He’s funny on Burn Notice, but it’s not in that Bruce Campbell in a cheesy horror movie way. I was impressed that he directed this movie, but at the end of the day I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.


PLOT SUMMARY:Daniel Craig stars as Joe, a self-destructive English actor living in California and trapped in a mundane cycle of excess. News of the death of a childhood friend, and the sudden collapse of his movie career, pushes Joe over the edge, and he attempts suicide by throwing himself into the ocean. Drifting in the Pacific, we are taken back to Joe’s teenage years in a sleepy English hamlet. We learn of Joe’s relationship with Evelyn, a relationship which ended in tragedy and forced him to flee home for a new life.


  • I liked this but was kinda underwhelmed by it. I thought the bits with Daniel Craig were great and really interesting, but when you go back in time to him as a teen it kinda drags. I would have liked to see what his childhood friend Boots was like as an adult but we don’t get to because Joe didn’t get to know him as an adult. On some level I could relate to this movie, but I woulda liked it to have been more of the rich material in the moment and less about the  flacid flashback.




My favorite Superman creative team ever, GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK, will be leaving ACTION COMICS in 2009 to give the definitive Superman origin according to Although I am slightly sad that they’re leaving ACTION COMICS I hope that after this mini that they will come back to the Superman books. Here’s hoping that they make a third Superman book, set in continuity. As a huge fan of Superman I’m looking forward to a full on origin for Superman, there’s been so many changes to the story that only Geoff Johns can take them all and make them a cohesive story. The story will be a 6 issue stand alone mini-series.





It was a stacked week, a lot of good books and one that I assumed would be the pick and it didn’t do it for me. JSA have had a few special issues to help end this giant GOG storyline. I’ve liked them all but this one was the best. The ending alone made me go ‘Uh Oh’. S is about to hit the F. Since Johns has come back to JSA I’ve been in seventh heaven. I hate to say this because I’ve spoken to the awesome Dwayne McDuffie, but I wish that the second Justice League book coming up would be written by McDuffie and the main JLA book be written by Johns. GOG is also why I’ll always say that DC has better villains than Marvel, they’re actually frightening in their scope and power.


Pick of the Week Runner-Up(s)

With so many good books coming out I had to mention a few of the ones that gave me the most enjoyment.



  • I was reading this and it reminded me of how much I used to love Marvel Comics before all the events I hated. After I got over the seemingly awful idea of Lady Bullseye, but after seeing her in action over the course of three issues she’s actually pretty interesting.

Wolverine Origin #30

Wolverine Origin #30

  • What the hell? I’m actually enjoying a arc about Wolverine? It’s really like the old days. Without the stench of Marvel Big Events I still enjoy this world. I’ve read about four whole issues of Wolverine Origins(two involved Captain America…duh) and the two I’ve read for this ORIGINAL SIN story arc were good. I feel that they’ve actually kinda captured the pain and sadness that I always thought was inherent in Wolverine, but no one seemed to recognize.

Captain America #

Captain America #44

  • Another Marvel and another Ed Brubaker book. He’s the closet Marvel’s got to Geoff Johns. Now while I didn’t care for his X-Men runs I’ve loved his DAREDEVIL and CAPTAIN AMERICA runs. I loved this issue mostly because we got more of Bucky’s Winter Soldiers past, Batroc, and more Black Widow and Bucky. I really got the Geoff Johns vibes during the inner monologue from Bucky when he was fighting Batroc the Leaper. Another Johns’ esque thing was the retooling or as I like to call ‘BADASSIFYING’ of Batroc.

POO POO of the Week



I don’t even know why I looked at this…wait yes I do Arthur Adams and Frank Cho art. But even with those two making art out of crap it’s still not enough. There’s no stakes in this book and the book feels like it’s not important…mostly because it’s not. Nothing makes sense in this book, it’s just a book about a red and green Hulk punching crap. Who’s the red Hulk? You may ask…well I don’t know because I don’t even remember if they told us who it was. I don’t even remember what happened last issue because it takes so long to come out that whatever story points that actually carry over are forgotten. It feels like they’re just jumping around and doing whatever.



Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #4